How Important Is SEO For Your eCommerce Store?

Why you need an effective SEO strategy in order to appear on Google

If you own any sort of website then getting to the first page of Google is probably up there on your list to achieve. In order to do this, it’s got to rank and in order for it to do that it needs to have high-quality content mixed in with a well-organised SEO strategy. 

Content is the biggest factor here. For one thing, having good structured and relevant content on your site has become one of the top considerations in order to start ranking on Google. 

In order to achieve the most effective SEO, you need to provide very unique style content in which people will not only read and enjoy but ideally learn from and the main goal here… Share it! If you’re able to get all of these under your belt it will do your page ranking a whole world of good. Brand visibility is key so you have to learn how to put your name out there where everyone is able to discover it and you will be well on your way to eCommerce success! 

So in short, yes SEO is a very important factor for any eCommerce website but let’s delve into why… 

How Google Ranks Your Pages

Okay, so let’s admit it, when you’ve got to number one of Google, you’ve made it. Factors such as meta tags and links all count but not nearly in the same way your content will. 

It’s still all a bit of a mystery how Google ranks pages. The whole process is a guarded secret and is an ongoing debate in the SEO world. Although with the copious amounts of research that has been done on this topic we do know some things. 

First things first, Google uses a rather complicated algorithm which gives points to a site for each and every criteria, the more points your website scores, the higher ranking you’ll get. 

Anyone can litter their site with keywords and links, however, if these are embedded within terrible content you will lose those all-important points. Even if you have okay content, but still not up to scratch with your competitors your rank level will still remain pretty low. 

Google doesn’t care if your products are any better than your competitors unless you provide the relevant information.

Click Through Rates

Click Through Rates (CTR) is one of the metrics used by Google in order to determine PageRank and there are 2 different contexts that are relevant here. The first one being, Click Through Rate generally refers to the overall percentage of users who click on a link. Whether this comes from an email, on social media, or Google itself. 

What if we also say that you start placing advertising on your site in order to get an additional source of income. In order to get people to click through on those pesky adverts, they will first have to click through to your site. Let’s take an example of a user who is looking for ideas for a birthday gift on your website includes some great suggestions with lots of useful links. Taking into the fact you have done everything right, that visitor should be more likely to head over to your website than they would a sub-par site which has little to non-meta content, site titles and missing keywords. 

Correct Information Is King

Yes, we know that content is very important however it’s that information you’re providing within that content is what matters here. You could have a lot of content that’s just a bunch of words to help occupy a space, but does your content actually contain any relevance which helps make it searchable?

There are so many different SEO strategies which focus on popular keywords, some even go as far as including misspelled words due to knowing it’s what a lot of people type in. In order to create a successful SEO strategy, include long-tail keywords which are multiple keywords used in a combination for a more specific search.

Long tail search terms account for more than two-thirds of unique visits to any given website, so if you include content with these specific long-tail keywords included it will overall rank more easily.



In conclusion, the main takeaway here is that the most important aspect of your marketing strategy is SEO and more specifically content optimisation.

Yes, you may have the best prices or best products around but in order to make those sales, you need to rank.

In short, it all comes down to just how informative, relevant and timely your content actually is. The most important thing is that you have provided good and correct information that people are looking for. If there is anything that you need to ensure is that your site is always putting up the right kind of SEO friendly content that will keep your online public compelled.

How has SEO affected your eCommerce efforts in the past?