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Envisage Digital’s talented team of B2B Magento developers knows how to drive results for your eCommerce business. With over a decade in the B2B industry, we have the skills to optimise your Magento store and create a smooth, user-friendly experience.

As part of our range of certified Magento services, we offer expert development, responsive web design, and strategic upgrades, all designed to enhance your B2B eCommerce platform. Partner with us to optimise your online business, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds your goals for increased visibility and success in the competitive digital landscape.

Not sure which aspects of our Magento B2B eCommerce development services are right for your business? We can help! Contact the professionals at Envisage Digital today on 01202 016162 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help your business grow and succeed.

Adobe Commerce for B2B
eCommerce Development Services

Did you know that 93% of B2B customers prefer ordering online? For that reason alone, learning how to manage your Magento platform successfully should be an integral aspect of your business strategy.

Successfully managing an eCommerce platform for B2B in today’s marketplace is challenging, but you can make the process easier with Magento. Adobe Commerce (Magento) is ideal for B2B business models because it has a vast range of features and customisation options right out of the box. The two most popular Magento versions are Community (free) and Enterprise (paid).

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We’re the leading choice for a B2B eCommerce company in the UK, and our services have helped hundreds of businesses grow and thrive. Our services are renowned for:

  • Expertise in B2B Magento Development: Our team of certified Magento developers brings over a decade of experience in crafting high-performance B2B eCommerce solutions.
  • Tailored Solutions: Whether creating a new Magento site or enhancing an existing one, we provide flexible and tailored solutions to meet your specific business objectives.
  • Aftercare and support: Our commitment includes 24/7 support, with our aftercare services designed to ensure long-term success for your B2B eCommerce platform.
  • Adobe Commerce Integration: With our expertise in Adobe Commerce (Magento), we utilise its extensive features and customisation options to cater specifically to B2B business models.
  • Custom Development for Unique Requirements: If your B2B eCommerce platform requires a more specific feature or functionality, our certified Magento developers can create a tailored solution to help you achieve your business goals.

Meet Common B2B Requirements with our Magento Developers

As an expert B2B Magento development agency, we’re intimately familiar with building and managing a powerful B2B Magento commerce platform. We focus on developing a sustainable solution and custom requirements when we partner with our clients to drive results and boost sales for their business.

Multi-User Accounts

An essential function for every Magento B2B commerce site is multi-user company accounts.

It allows businesses to create and manage multiple accounts and different user roles, then set specific permissions.

For example, you could approve purchase orders, view purchase histories, allow requisition lists, etc.

B2B Pricing

Pricing is another aspect of building a successful Magento B2B commerce platform. Our advanced pricing solutions give you the ability to hide price lists in your catalogue, allow customers to create requisition lists and track purchases and deliveries.

It also allows you to show different pricing based on consumer groups and offer tiered pricing for people bulk ordering products.

Trade Accounts / Registration

Do you want to add B2B features to an existing Magento B2C website? 

With trade accounts and registration, you can add customers into your B2B group. It also prevents a shopper from having their account disabled before they can make a purchase.

Payment on Account

Does your current Magento B2B commerce site allow B2B customers to pay for their goods on credit?

When you partner with our Magento B2B development agency, we can enable different payment methods to improve customer experience and provide greater convenience.

API / Data Integrations

With an API and data integration, Magento B2B companies can access feeds containing stock information and product pricing then share it across systems. 

We can also implement an API to automate and streamline the ordering process.

Quick Order

Quick order is an innovative B2B eCommerce functionality that allows customers to search through your entire business catalogue on one page. 

It prevents users from being forced to search through endless categories just to find one product.

Price Toggles

Pricing toggles are a necessity for every business with Magento and allow for quick and easy toggling between prices on your website. 

You could include IncVAT or ExVAT pricing, trade/retail, or whatever your company needs. 

Request a Quote

Our Magento B2B developers can also add quote requests to your commerce platform.

Quote requests allow customers to ask for a quote on individual products or their entire shopping cart, providing greater convenience.

Have a More Specific Requirement
for Your Magento Platform?

Does your B2B eCommerce platform need a more specific requirement? 

If so, we can develop a custom B2B Magento solution for your site to help you achieve your business goals.

If you need custom development, call 01202 016162 to schedule a consultation with our B2B Magento agency.

Certified Magento Developers

Here at Envisage Digital, we have a Certified Magento B2B Support Team with some of the best and the brightest developers. Their expertise and skill will keep your eCommerce website running smoothly, giving customers an engaging shopping experience. Every developer on our team undergoes extensive Magento training to receive certification.

We provide innovative technical support solutions to handle any issues proactively, keeping your Magento store running at high performance levels. The broad scope of our Magento services keeps your store in optimum health while still performing at maximum capacity.

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Envisage Digital - Magento Development Agency

Magento B2B Case Study

Do you want to know why Envisage Digital is the leading choice for a Magento B2B eCommerce agency in the UK? We know how to produce tangible results, including increased revenue and sales.

Find out how by reading our Magento case studies, including our successes with Cladco Trade’s Magento B2B eCommerce website. Our developers created a solution that included:

  • Specific trade pricing
  • Pricing toggles for Inc/Ex VAT and trade/retail
  • Custom B2B API for inter-system communication
  • Datafeeds for stock updates
  • Simplified navigation to improve UX
  • Ordering capabilities for specific category pages
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Here’s what Cladco had to say about working with our B2B eCommerce development agency:

“Envisage are an incredible team to work with, they provide a solution to every problem and always provide exemplary service. We have worked with Envisage for many years now and they’ve been an integral part of expanding and innovating our business.”

Rachel Rogers,

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Magento B2B Development FAQs

B2B eCommerce involves online transactions exclusively between two businesses, where products, services, or information are exchanged. This contrasts with direct sales to individual customers.

In essence, B2B eCommerce creates a digital marketplace where businesses can conduct transactions, collaborate, and share crucial information. This fosters a dynamic online environment tailored for inter-business dealings rather than direct consumer interactions.

Magento Commerce for B2B is a module created explicitly for Adobe Commerce. It’s a valuable tool with many features and functions, like ERP integrations and advanced customisation options.

Unfortunately, the Magento B2B module is only available on Adobe Commerce. However, you have the option of choosing third-party alternatives that can provide the same set of features as Magento B2B.

The process of B2B eCommerce development for a Magento website varies. Typically, the cost is similar to a traditional B2C build but may increase depending on project requirements and complexity. For example, if you choose Adobe Commerce over Magento Community, you’ll have to pay for licensing from Adobe.

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