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Shopify offers tremendous potential for small online businesses.

It’s easy to create an ecommerce store on Shopify, but how do you drive more traffic to your Shopify store and amplify your sales revenue? Your business needs a robust Shopify SEO strategy to thrive on this eCommerce platform, and that’s where we at Envisage Digital come into the picture.

As your trusted Shopify SEO expert, we’ll help you set up your eCommerce website, lift your SEO rankings, run a killer SEO campaign, and boost your bottom line.

Let’s talk more about how professional Shopify SEO services can help you grow your business.
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Why You Need Solid Shopify
SEO Strategies

With so much competition in eCommerce, a Shopify SEO and content marketing strategy is essential for business success. Keep reading for a brief overview of why search engine optimisation and focused marketing are so important for your Shopify website.

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Higher Search Rankings and More Online Traffic

To help customers find you, you need to rank at the top of search results. An efficient SEO strategy will prompt search engines to rank your eCommerce website higher by optimising relevant search terms, content, navigation, and other specs that influence the rankings of search engine results pages.


By placing your Shopify store in the spotlight, effective SEO allows you to tap into a long-term source of organic traffic and reduce your dependence on paid advertising. A smart Shopify SEO strategy can also help scale your business as it grows and target your SEO effort to meet your current goals.

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Improved User Experience

Shopify can integrate with your preferred payment gateway, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, and many more.

Whatever payment processing software you use, our Shopify integration experts can implement many different payment gateways, including cryptocurrency, creating more ways to get sales from around the world.


We’ll help you provide convenient, secure, and flexible payment methods through your online store.

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More Sale

Once you get a site visitor, you need to turn them into a customer.


Optimising Shopify stores helps to drive potential customers down the sales funnel until they complete a purchase.


Easier site navigation, more engaging content, and personalised campaigns will help decrease your bounce rate and convert traffic into sales.

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Better Branding

Your brand is an asset that goes beyond immediate search engine rankings and sales.


Brand-focused marketing will help customers remember your store and enable your business to stand out across multiple channels, whether it’s Shopify, Amazon, social media, or offline venues.


Successful branding is a key component in your long-term success on Shopify and other sales platforms.

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Valuable Insights

By tracking the results of your Shopify SEO campaigns, you can see what marketing methods work best, which products yield the highest sales, and what demographic groups make up your customer base.


With this data in hand, you can adjust your SEO strategies and optimise your website to SERP rankings and improve conversion rates.


Sales and customer insights can also help you make important business decisions, like focusing more on a specific product range or service.

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A Competitive Edge

If you need another reason to invest in Shopify SEO services, you can bet your competitors already work hard on optimising their Shopify websites.


In a highly competitive industry like eCommerce, you need every tool to make your brand and product more attractive, visible, accessible, and memorable.


Search engine optimisation, coupled with efficient branding, is your path to success.

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Shopify SEO Services
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Now that you know you need well-run SEO for more Shopify sales, let’s get into the services our Shopify SEO company offers eCommerce businesses.

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Web Design and Development

Before you focus on driving traffic to your online store, you need to make sure your website delivers a superb, eCommerce-targeted user experience.

We’ll help you set up a responsive, fast, easily navigable eCommerce website with excellent technical SEO metrics for top performance across devices.

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Keyword Research

To build a smashing SEO strategy for Shopify, you need to identify your target audience and know what search terms your ideal customer uses.

At Envisage Digital, we use efficient keyword research tools to help your website target the relevant keywords based on search volume and other metrics, then group these keywords into clusters stopping multiple web pages from cannibalising each other out of the SERPs.

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On-Page SEO

We’ll use efficient on-page SEO to help your Shopify website perform at top capacity for both users and search engines.

This may include URL optimisation, internal cross-linking, updating meta descriptions and meta tags, optimising page copy and imagery, generating sitemaps and more.

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Content Strategy

As Bill Gates said, content is king. Relevant, engaging, keyword-optimised content will keep customers on your site and allow you to rank higher in Google search results.

From focused and enticing product descriptions to share-worthy blog posts, videos, and infographics, our SEO company will help you develop a healthy content strategy for your Shopify site.

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Powerful Product Listings

Even when you provide top-quality merchandise, it’s tricky to make your product stand out from the myriad of competing items in similar stores.

Your product’s visibility hinges on appealing, highly relevant product titles, images, and descriptions that highlight your unique selling points.

Our Shopify SEO agency will help you create product listings that generate search engine traction and sales.

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Enhancing Conversion Rates

You work hard to drive potential customers to your online store, but what happens when they start browsing your website?

Does your site provide enticing offers, fast navigation, and easy checkout options that convert visitors into clients?

Our conversion optimisation strategies will answer these questions and help grow your revenue.

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Link Building

Getting high-quality backlinks is one of the most effective ways to improve your domain authority, enhance your credibility, and boost your site’s rankings.

Our Shopify SEO agency will help you tap into efficient strategies for generating backlinks, like creating content that encourages shares and reaching out to industry influencers who could endorse your store.

As a reputable SEO specialist, we never use link farming or other black-hat SEO tactics that could harm your credibility and cause search engines to penalise your website.

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Social Media Marketing

More and more people choose social media over search engines when they’re looking for products.

You can drive more traffic to your eCommerce store by promoting your presence on social media, engaging with your potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and running targeted advertising campaigns on social media.

We will suggest cost-effective, reliable advertising strategies for broadcasting your Shopify store across social media platforms.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for Shopify websites when you use it right.

You can utilise email marketing to deliver engaging newsletters, promote special offers, send personalised emails to customers on their birthdays, or give a customer a nudge when they abandon their cart.

We use email marketing as part of our overall strategy to promote your eCommerce business.

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Local SEO

If you run both an online store and a brick-and-mortar venue, we can help you get more targeted traffic from your service area.

For example, if you provide doorstep meal delivery in Bromley, we’ll use location-oriented terms to make sure your SEO strategy focuses on customers in your desired area.

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Reports and Analytics

When you develop a business plan, you need to know how your online store is performing and which products, services, or client sectors contribute the most to your bottom line.

Our SEO company uses Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics to give you the data you need to scale your business.

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Emergency Support

Even brief disruptions could make you lose customers and harm your credibility on Shopify. When you enlist Envisage Digital as your Shopify developer, you benefit from reliable support for any web and SEO issues.

You can count on us to get your online business back up and running in no time.

Why Choose Envisage Digital
for Your Shopify SEO Agency

Shopify integration requires expertise in app development, programming languages, and other tech-intensive skills, techniques and knowledge. At Envisage Digital, we have extensive experience in providing Shopify integration services and have provided eCommerce web design services for a variety of businesses for more than 15 years.

Here’s why you can trust our team to deliver seamless Shopify integration services:

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We have years of experience in web design and digital strategies for eCommerce stores.

We owe our long-term success to staying on top of best practices and current trends in eCommerce SEO.

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Personalised SEO plans

Unlike many SEO companies, we eschew cookie-cutter solutions.

We’ll provide a fully customised, holistic Shopify strategy that fits your business goals and aligns with other digital marketing tools, like PPC, link building, and social media marketing.

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End-to-end support

SEO for Shopify needs a long-term, sustainable approach to make sure your site delivers top performance over time.

Our Shopify SEO experts will troubleshoot any issue and help your business keep growing.

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Full transparency

At Envisage Digital, we commit to a results-driven, 100% transparent work approach with open communication and regular assessments.

When you hire us, you’ll get a realistic marketing roadmap, detailed reports with the results of your Shopify SEO campaign, and precise, timely answers to your questions.

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Top value for your money

We offer competitive SEO packages and always strive to provide more powerful and efficient solutions to make the most of your SEO budget.

Shopify SEO FAQs

Below, you’ll find answers to some common questions clients ask when they consider hiring our Shopify SEO agency. Please get in touch with us if you have any question we don’t cover here.

Shopify SEO involves auditing and improving Shopify sites to boost their search visibility, attract more organic traffic, and enhance conversion rates. An SEO campaign may involve a technical SEO audit, content marketing, link building, and improving site performance with a focus on the Shopify ecommerce online store platform.

To put it simply, SEO puts your Shopify business on the map and helps you utilise the Shopify eCommerce platform at full capacity. SEO success means better visibility, more organic traffic and shares, better user experience, and more online sales.

Here’s one thing to remember about SEO: it’s a long game, and Shopify is no exception. While other digital marketing methods, like PPC ads, will give you a quick boost in online sales, it usually takes months to achieve visible SEO results. However, with the right approach, SEO can provide sustainable, lasting business growth that will ultimately give you higher value for your money than PPC ads.

At Envisage Digital, we provide measurable SEO results. We’ll deliver detailed reports that include core SEO metrics, like search performance, targeted traffic, and conversion rates. Our clear analytics will make it easy for you to see how your business is gaining visibility, even before you perceive changes in your revenue.

Certainly. We’re a full-service Shopify SEO agency that takes care of everything, from helping you establish your Shopify store to auditing your existing website for SEO issues.

Of course. Quality SEO services involve constant monitoring and ongoing maintenance to make sure your campaigns keep delivering top results. When you entrust your digital marketing to our SEO agency, you get end-to-end expert Shopify SEO support that involves a periodic technical SEO audit, timely troubleshooting, and regular updates. We treat your business as our own and will spare no effort to make sure you stay on top of your eCommerce game.

Since we provide fully custom service packages that depend on your business structure and marketing needs, SEO costs for Shopify vary widely between businesses. Reach out to us for a detailed, no-obligation, personalised quote from our Shopify SEO experts.

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Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your Shopify site? At Envisage Digital, we use powerful SEO tools to generate more traffic and sales for eCommerce stores. Based in Bournemouth, UK, we’re your top local web design and SEO agency specialising in eCommerce SEO.

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