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Envisage Digital is a leading Shopify development agency in the UK. We offer reliable and experienced Shopify and Shopify Plus development services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our in-house team of Shopify experts, with specialists in design, development and marketing, have a wealth of experience in building high-quality and results-driven Shopify stores.

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Shopify Development Services

At Envisage Digital, our Shopify experts offer a range of development services to help our clients overachieve their business goals. Some of our Shopify services include:

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Shopify Store Setup & Migration​

We start by helping you set up your Shopify websites from scratch and configuring it to your specific business needs. If you have an existing site, our migration services can ensure the transition runs as smoothly as possible.


By analysing and fully understanding your current solution, we can identify what data, design and functionality should be migrated to your new platform. Meticulous planning helps to ensure that all of your valuable data is successfully transferred to your new eCommerce website.

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Custom Shopify Themes

There are many off-the-shelf Shopify themes available on the market. However, when you are looking for a truly magnificent theme that perfectly matches your branding and ethos, creating fully bespoke themes may be the way to go.


Our talented Shopify theme developers will partner with you to understand your vision for success. We’ll leverage data and user insights to craft a design that perfectly reflects your brand and leads customers to buy.

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Bespoke Shopify App Development

We are proud to be experts in the development of bespoke Shopify apps, designed to elevate user experience and deliver unique functionalities to your store. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions found in the Shopify app store, our custom-built apps are tailored specifically to meet your individual needs.


Envisage Digital’s expert team has gained vast experience across a variety of Shopify projects, spanning from seamless integrations to implementing advanced features like product calculators. Our custom-built apps are tailored specifically to meet your individual needs.

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Experts in Shopify Design & UX

Envisage Digital’s team of fanatical Shopify web designers are here to help you get the most from your brand-new store. Our eCommerce gurus can transform your Shopify project into a work of art while optimising conversion rates.


During our web design processes, we work closely with our customers to collect requirements and feedback to create the highest-quality design.

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Time-Saving Shopify Integrations

Do you have complex integration requirements which cannot be achieved out of the box? You’ve come to the right Shopify development agency! We can help by building custom Shopify integration solutions that meet your specific business needs.


Our Shopify developers have amassed a wealth of experience in building tailored integrations to help businesses achieve their goals on both Shopify and Shopify plus. With custom integrations, you can automate time-consuming tasks and free up your team’s time to do what you do best.

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Strategic SEO and Marketing Campaigns

Our Shopify SEO and marketing services can help ensure that everything is working perfectly onsite and optimize your Shopify store’s offsite presence to improve your online visibility.


With our range of expertise in Shopify marketing, Envisage Digital will help you achieve better search engine rankings and drive more sales from potential customers.

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Full-featured Headless Shopify Builds

Create a unique ecommerce experience with our Headless Shopify development services. Headless builds decouple the front-end and back-end of Shopify stores, providing the flexibility needed to create world-class solutions that perfectly align with your brand.


We keep the robust functionality of Shopify’s backend, but use cutting-edge web technologies like React or Angular on the front-end. This translates to a smooth, delightful shopping experience for your customers.

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Shopify Support and Maintenance

Our team of experienced Shopify development experts is here to help keep your online store up and running. We offer support services ranging from troubleshooting and bug fixing to new functionality and design implementations.


We can also help you make the most of Shopify’s powerful features with one-on-one training, strategy workshops and marketing services.


With our Shopify support and maintenance services you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the technical details.

Our Shopify Development Process

At Envisage Digital, our Shopify experts offer a range of development services to help our clients overachieve their business goals. Some of our Shopify development services include:

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In the discovery phase, we work closely with our clients, leaving no stone unturned. In-person or via video call, we get to understand your business goals, target audience, and requirements.

We also conduct industry-specific research to identify trends and opportunities within your niche.

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Design / UX

Next, our Shopify web design and UX-qualified professionals work hard to produce the best possible experience for your users.

Drawing from our industry insights and experience, your new bespoke design will be sure to perfectly reflect your brand identity with conversion rate optimisation and creativity as a priority.

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In the development phase, our team of in-house developers build your shiny new Shopify website based on the approved design and specifications set in discovery.

We follow best practices and ensure that the store is fully functional and easy to use. We also get to work building any advanced functionality that you may require.

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Before launching the store, we conduct thorough testing end-to-end to ensure that it is bug-free and fully functional.

Audits are carried out to ensure your site is optimised to provide a fast and accessible experience for your users and deliver a site which will help you dominate in the search engine listing.

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Why Choose Envisage Digital for Shopify Website Development?

Envisage Digital has a proven track record of delivering high-quality and fully functional Shopify stores that help our clients quickly scale their online businesses. Here are some reasons why you should choose our Shopify developers for your next Shopify web design and development project:

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Experienced Team

At Envisage Digital, we’re proud to have our headquarters right in the heart of the UK’s thriving website development industry: Bournemouth.

There may be stiff competition, but our unrivalled technical skills provide us with the tools and the initiative to stand out from every other web design and digital marketing agency out there.

Tailored Solutions

At Envisage Digital, we understand that every business is unique. There is no one size fits all solution, and that’s why we offer bespoke solutions to meet our client’s specific business needs.

We combine cutting-edge features with the core ethos of Shopify design to help you reach your goals and conquer the online world.

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Results-Driven Approach

Envisage Digital’s Shopify experts remain dedicated to our focus on delivering innovative solutions to generate results.

Through close collaboration, we get to know your unique needs and leverage data to ensure your Shopify ecommerce site exceeds expectations.

Ongoing Support

It is essential to continuously improve your new stores after launch. Your customers must have the best possible shopping experience with the latest technologies to boost conversion rates and keep the search engines happy.

We offer a range of ongoing support and maintenance packages to do just that in addition to providing your eCommerce business with the help, expertise and guidance you need.

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Shopify vs Shopify Plus

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Shopify is designed for small to medium-sized businesses looking to launch and grow their online presence. Shopify Plus is a more advanced version of Shopify that offers additional features, support, and customisation options right out of the box via exclusive Shopify apps.

It’s designed for larger businesses with higher sales volume and complex needs. Shopify Plus offers access to a dedicated team of support engineers and account managers, enhanced security features, and the ability to build advanced integrations via its extended API offering.

Shopify Plus is also designed to handle higher volumes of traffic and transactions, making it an excellent option for ambitious brands with high growth potential. We are Shopify Plus partners, so get in touch with our award-winning agency to discuss how you might benefit from the added features of Shopify plus.

Shopify Web Design Case Studies

At Envisage Digital, our team of expert developers has designed stunning Shopify websites for various businesses. Below, we’ve provided you with some examples of our work.

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Our Shopify web designers recently worked on a project for the charity organisation Drinkaware, which provides alcohol education and resources to help people make safe choices about drinking.

This particular job involved migrating Drinkaware’s resources site from Magento to Shopify, which required our designers to create a fresh new Shopify theme with updated features to enhance user experience. The result was a modern, user-friendly website for Drinkaware’s customer base that also helps the charity generate revenue.
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Nofs Logo 2021 2 | Envisage Digital

Another of our recent Shopify website design projects was for Mobile Jungle, a company that repairs and sells used electronic devices to reduce waste in landfills.

For this client, we built a completely new Shopify theme to better represent their brand and include third-party integrations like Linnworks. Our agency provided Mobile Jungle with a visually stimulating website layout and a powerful tool to manage their online sales.

Shopify Design FAQs

The timeline for building a Shopify app with us depends on the complexity and requirements of the project.

However, we strive to deliver projects within a reasonable timeframe and keep our partners updated throughout the development process via one of our dedicated project managers.

Yes, we believe that support is essential. As a result, we offer ongoing support and maintenance packages from our Shopify agency for stores of all shapes and sizes. We can help to continually elevate your online store with custom Shopify development services and advice to boost your conversion rate and stay ahead of your competitors.

Of course! Our entire team of UK Shopify experts can help you seamlessly transfer your data and build a new Shopify store in no time at all. We have experience in migrating eCommerce stores from various eCommerce platforms to Shopify and can ensure a smooth transition from our tailored approach.

Our team are here to assist you in optimising your Shopify Plus store both onsite and offsite to improve your online visibility and attract more organic search traffic. Our team has a wealth of experience in Shopify SEO and can help you achieve better search engine rankings. Your bespoke marketing strategy will include all onsite and offsite necessities depending on your niche including technical SEO, link building, content strategy and creation, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC and more.

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