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Envisage Digital is proud to introduce you to our veteran Magento eCommerce development team, we’ve been fuelling small local businesses to high street brands and B2B web platforms with Magento shop solutions since 2008.

Our UK based team of Magento designers, coders and developers are proficient in creating high performance Magento websites or porting current web solutions over to Magento eCommerce. Whatever the version; Community or Enterprise, we have the authority to take your business to a premium class online shop. We’re adept in working with custom extensions, custom Magento web designs, themes and integrating masses of web services like virtual marketplaces, epos solutions, telephone systems, warehousing, logistics and more. In summary, you came to the right place for a premium solution without the inflated Magento specialist city cost.

Magento Community Development

Magento Community edition web development is the most popular choice with our clients. With no subscription payments to Magento, this open source ecommerce solution enables us to provide affordable Magento development services with unlimited features. This robust ecommerce platform will deliver; fully customisable designs, unlimited product matrix options, built in Magento SEO optimisation, powerful marketing, engagement and promotional materials. Our touch will deliver dexterity, superior knowledge and outstanding performance to your Magento website.


Magento Enterprise Development

Envisage Digital Magento developers can go the step further and provide a comprehensive premium or standard Magento Enterprise edition solution. Our professional web design service and big brand experience allows us to not only provide talented development, but distinguished, trustworthy consultancy and experience working with multiple partners and agencies. The Enterprise edition is targeted for medium to large size businesses and brings additional B2B functionality as well as support from Magento. The Enterprise edition does come at an annual cost from the eCommerce platform.


Magento Consultancy

Whether you’re a small business or an established brand, getting the most out of your Magento environment is crucial. With over 7 years’ experience in developing, customising and managing Magento web stores, our consultancy team can help.  From advice to discover if Magento is the best product for your business, to one to one training from Envisage Digital on setting up promotions, or trying to find the right shipping configuration the Envisage Digital Magento Specialists are available.  Our consultancy is delivered to clients via telephone, Skype consultation or site visit – we charge clients an hourly rate and manage everything through our customer portal, so that you’ve always got the material to look back on.

Magento Extension Development

The Magento extension marketplace has 1,000’s of plugins available, however from time to time you need something special that’s customised to your business. This is where our extensions come in. We’ve engaged in a magnitude of Magento extension development projects; from custom event booking systems to integrating web service API’s. If you have an idea for an extension to help with your site management, integration, marketing utilities or user experience – get in touch and we can formulate a solution to streamline your business.

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Envisage Digital adopts an agile approach to our Magento development to encourage a speedy, efficient release of your solution or extension. Our unparalleled understanding of the solution’s capabilities fuels reliable consultancy and scoping of your Magento project, accelerating the profits and business targets post launch. Please see our process below to discover how we’ll manage the project through the duration and beyond.

1. Magento project definition

Our initial step is to provide consultancy to define your business goals and ambitions. By outlining the project’s functional purposes and requirements, we can deliver you a comprehensive analysis of what Magento edition you require and look to reduce unnecessary costs.

To compliment this, our UX and strategy specialist will devise personas for your target audience. By doing this we can assist in optimising the content requirements as well as user journey for a more fluid ecommerce experience.

2. Development project planning & scoping

We focus on building online businesses for tomorrow, not just websites. We’ll work with you on making sure all functions can be achieved as well as creating a hierarchical website map for your solution.

This is essential in understanding the users’ journey and where we can eliminate unnecessary changes and pitfalls post launch, removing additional cost and time repercussions. This confirms the project wireframe and technical architecture.

3. Web design

With your new solution’s blueprints in place, we can begin to apply a visual design for your site. We’ll begin with wire framing and prototyping your solution, with the option of having working wireframe prototypes of key conversion and navigation aspects to run user testing on pre-development.

When we get to the fun part of applying a skin to your digital skeleton, we run all designs through online software that enables you to annotate, highlight sections and sign off versions. It’s like having us in your office!

4. Website development

When we begin the Magento install and development we work using an agile development process whereby individual sections of your site are fashioned, vigorously tested by a quality assurance team and deployed for your review.

Using this proved methodology we can assign multiple Magento developers and designers to the project with change control and deliver the functional monster of a solution you expect.

5. User acceptance testing

When it comes to user acceptance testing, we throw the whole team at it. We get people from design, user experience, development and project management to run through the site, testing all the functions, to give an impartial view of the finished product.

After all, your website is used and managed by multiple professions, when your solution is delivered for checking and testing it will be finished to the whole team’s standards.

6. Delivery

The delivery and launch of your site must go through a checklist of industry web standards delivering optimised code, search engine ready tags and user functionality. The launch is always at a time and day where support from us is available to ensure the smoothest of transitions.

Regardless, we’re always here, but if you like we can also provide training videos for using the Magento admin system to make the knowledge timeless and enable anyone to take responsibility in your business.

Now you can show off your Magento Store.


National Office Furniture Supplies

Objective: National Office Furniture Supplies are a furniture supply company based in Bournemouth. The objective of this website was to migrate everything from their prior Magento installation, onto a new Magento 2 installation, complete with a bespoke and redesigned theme aimed at improving converion.

Strategy: Using statistics and data from google analytics, we completely redesigned the website, focusing on areas that were popular on the previous site to be prominent on the new site. After completing a data migration and implementing the new theme, the site was looking good.

Results: The new website has improved conversion compared to the old website. It looks cleaner, functions better, and the website is currently hitting higher levels than the previous iteration of the site.