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Are you looking to develop your online storefront with an eCommerce platform that is feature-rich and scalable? Similar to how you would hire an architect for a physical store, you should consider the Magento platform as the architect for your web development.

A Magento store features numerous store customisations, extensions, themes, layouts, and data management systems that improve your online business and increase sales. First, you need to choose a qualified Magento development agency to implement the eCommerce platform.

Envisage Digital is the ideal Magento agency for creating highly efficient Magento websites that improve customer engagement and satisfaction. Envisage Digital’s Magento-certified developers have designed, coded, and developed high-performance online stores to fulfil business objectives for more than a decade.

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Adobe Commerce Agency

Adobe Commerce | Envisage Digital

Adobe Commerce is the heavy-weight eCommerce platform which will help you deal that knockout blow to your competitors and dominate your online space. Adobe Commerce is Magento Open Source with a wealth of additional features and services from Adobe to take your online offering to the next level.

24/7 support from the creators themselves coupled with cloud services, advanced B2B functionality, advanced search engine, catalog and sales management tools, additional marketing and merchandising, content management and much much more.

Get in touch with our Adobe Commerce agency today to discuss your requirements in depth and learn how which version of the platform will be best for you!

Magento 2 Development Process

Envisage Digital’s Magento 2 development services follow a specific structure to ensure that our global clients are well-informed, supported, and ultimately proud of the design of their online businesses.

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During the discovery phase, known as strategy consulting, our certified Magento developers learn about your business needs and the project’s specifications to match your business with the right solution. 

Our expert service providers will guide you to the ideal Magento commerce product and make your next project flourish.


At Envisage Digital, we value transparency and open communication. Once our Magento experts document your web development goals, deliverables, and deadlines, this information is readily available in a statement of work.

With the statement of work clearly outlining the design, timeline, and agreed-upon payment, there is no chance for hidden fees or surprise costs.


The way your website appears to your customers is equally important to the user experience as your website’s functionality. Your website design is an extension of your brand and thus a form of digital marketing.

Our Magento designers will ignite your digital transformation and refine your site design so that your Magento commerce website makes a lasting first impression.


You will likely need to integrate your eCommerce websites with a third party business system, such as:

  • Payment processors to handle debit and credit card transactions
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) for accounting and inventory management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) for enhanced customer experiences and social tracking
  • Email providers for your email marketing campaign and transactional emails

Our certified Magento developers will set up these interactions as part of our Magento agency services.


Next up is the development of your new Magento eCommerce website. Our expert team uses the predefined project specifications and signed-off designs to build the frontend interface and backend functionality of the Magento store. This will include areas of your website such as the homepage, catalog pages, checkout pages, blog and content pages, plus any additional functionality such as product calculators and bespoke functionality.

Once development is complete, our expert team will fully end-to-end test your new solution in-house to ensure it meets all requirements, accurately represents the designs and functions as expected.


Once each component of your eCommerce site undergoes internal testing by our Magento-certified developers, the final step in the testing process is User Acceptance Testing. Our team will work with your team to further test the solution and ensure that you are fully happy with the final product. 


Our full-service Magento agency carefully plans the launch of your eCommerce platform. Trial runs of delta data migrations are performed where needed, with a comprehensive plan documented to minimise downtime during the go-live procedure.

At a time agreed with you to inflict minimum inconveniences to your teams and customers, we will initiate the transfer to your new Magento eCommerce store.

Ongoing Support

You will not be left in the dark once your eCommerce store launches. We offer a 6-month guarantee on all code developed by Envisage Digital to give you piece of mind once the system is pushed live.

If you have any questions about your Magento eCommerce sites, please do not hesitate to contact Envisage Digital for ongoing maintenance and support.

We also offer Magento training for your staff either in person or via videos if you’d like help getting to grips with the new system.

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Our Magento Services

Our Magento agency offers a wide variety of Magento e-commerce solutions which culminate to provide you with the best possible online store for your B2C or B2B activities.

Digital Strategies By Envisage Digital

Digital Strategy

Our Magento agency provides competitive and comprehensive digital strategies. We work with you to personalise your consumers’ experience and make them want to return to your Magento commerce website for more.


Whether you want to add banners for digital promo codes or build a system to evaluate customer shopping habits, our Magento agency can help.

Magento Migrations By Envisage Digital

Magento Platform Migrations

Would you like to migrate from an old platform to Magento or from Magento 1 to Magento 2? Our eCommerce agency can assist you with your  Magento migration. We will be your Magento solution partner and complete a full data backup before transferring your data, extensions, codes, and themes.

Switch over your domain with ease by utilising our Magento migration services.

Magento Integrations By Envisage Digital


Do you want to integrate Magento with third-party platforms such as :

  • Payment gateways
  • Shipping software
  • Inventory software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • An automated accounting system
  • A customer support system, including live chat
  • Social media management
  • Automated email marketing

Envisage Digital’s team implements these integrations to improve your daily business operations.

User Experience Services By Envisage Digital

User Experience

You can increase your conversion rates and improve user experience with Magento. Magento provides:

  • Fast-loading pages
  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Simple checkout procedures
  • Multiple options for payments and shipping
  • Endless opportunities for customisations and new features to aid your customers shopping experiances

Significantly increase your sales by offering your customers an easy-to-navigate site and knowledgeable support when they have questions.

Marketplace Integrations By Envisage Digital


Did you know that you can integrate your online shop with top-selling marketplaces like Amazon and eBay?


Magento takes small businesses and thrusts them onto the world’s largest shopping marketplaces. Meanwhile, business owners can continue to run their shops as usual through Magento Admin.

Magento Speed Optimisation

Speed Optimisation

Our eCommerce agency understands how to optimise Magento to make the platform highly efficient. To achieve high-speed performance, we will:

  • Search third-party code and platforms for bottlenecks
  • Enable advanced full-page cache and elastic search features
  • Complete CSS/JS minification
  • Acquire fast and optimised hosting
  • Optimise images
  • Adhere to Google Page Speed Insights recommendations
B2B Development Services For Magento 2

B2B Development

Do you own a business that sells to other businesses instead of consumers? Magento’s business-to-business features, such as bulk ordering, shared catalogs, B2B quoting, company accounts and more provide the feature sets needed your your B2B customers.

Its easy integration with Enterprise Resource Planning software, provide hassle-free management of all your eCommerce and business processes.

Extend your Magento solution with an enhanced API allowing business to business automated communication to manage inventory updates and facilitate ordering without any manual intervention.

Magento Support Services

Support Services

After your website is live, our Magento eCommerce agency continues to offer support services to assist in the continued development and maintenance of your new solution. We want to ensure that you have a smooth transition and a positive experience with Magento. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about Magento support and Magento maintenance.


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Envisage Digital - Magento Agency

When you want to open a successful eCommerce business, you should partner with an efficient and detailed Magento agency. UK-based and developer-owned, Envisage Digital is an experienced and highly rated Magento development agency.

Our team also contributes to the Magento open-source project helping to keep Magento bug free for companies around the world. In addition we have also produced many popular extensions for Magento adding additional functionality which are free to used on thousands of eCommerce stores.

Certified Magento Agency - Envisage Digital

Recent Work


If the latest versions and development of Magento are anything to go by, Magento will continue to be the eCommerce solution of choice for business the world over for many years to come. Its recent acquisition by Adobe pours more resources into the  further development of the solution ensuring its long term position in the industry.

Top companies such as Ford, Liverpool FC, Jaguar, and Christian Louboutin use Magento as their current platform.

Magento is an ideal platform for building an online store that is highly customisable and search engine optimisation friendly. Improve your customer experience and increase your sales with a Magento partner with the skills and experience to not only deliver, but overdeliver.

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