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Integrate with SAP Warehouse Management Software

Envisage Digital offers Magento integration to SAP systems, via our integration partner, Maeko. This is an excellent way of storing & collecting product, order and customer data, and have used it on many of our clients in the past.

Why use SAP B1?

  • Saves you manpower
  • Reduces the risk of human error
  • Automatically updates order statuses etc
  • Streamlines your business operations
  • Real-time information passing between the systems
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Keep up to date with stock levels, avoiding out of stock lines
  • Speed up how orders are processed

How It Works

Using the SAP warehouse system, load in all your product data, this includes pricing, quantity, product information and category structures. This would typically not include the integration of images for products.

Once the information is set up and correct in SAP, our SAP integrator will build them in to your Magento website installation. Once it has been integrated and verified as working, real-time information, including orders and quantities, goes backwards and forwards between Magento and the SAP system as and when it’s required.

What is it?

SAP is an ERP Warehouse based system primarily used to collect and organise product data, quantity and pricing for your website, as well as orders from your website. It communicates directly to and from your Magento installation via the integration. It also offers a real-time solution to updating and receiving product data from your website, and is designed to boost your businesses operations in the online environment.

Using SAP means you can reduce the risk of human error in your data, as the integrations between Magento and SAP are done automatically!

Step 1:
SAP to Magento

Product Data


Stock Levels

Step 2:
Magento to SAP

Order Information

Customer Information

Step 3:
SAP to Magento

Updated Quantity

Order Statuses

Shipping Status

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Haddow Group PLC

Haddow Group PLC – a leading lifestyle product manufacturer and distributor in the UK – has been working with us to create and maintain their online B2B / B2C platform. Based upon Magento 2, this solution provides all of the complex product structures and integrates with SAP for their management of their business including product creation, stock management and order processing.

Transferring clients between both systems in a seamless way can often be quite the challenge. In this case, the transfer of their customer base, inventory and product structures took very careful consideration. With several B2C sites covering specific niche products and a single B2C website covering all. This is all controlled through a single SAP connector to a single Magento 2 installation.

Seamless integration with SAP, their business management solution, was achieved to manage inventory and catalog updates, customers and orders. Essentially Magento 2 on this instance is now acting ‘dumb’ with all data being transferred backwards and forwards between SAP and Magento 2 using the Magento API and the SAP connector.

During the migration between platforms it is essential that all redirects are in place. This not only helps customers to find their way to the resources on the new site structure – but also help ensure that Google remains happy, and no ‘juice’ from existing backlinks are lost which otherwise would affect the site negatively in search results.