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WordPress Development Services

Envisage Digital is proud to offer professional, complete WordPress CMS development services with almost a decade of experience – future proof your online business.

Since its release back in 2003, WordPress is the #1 content management system used by 34% of the websites worldwide – the ideal solution for almost any online identity. Our WordPress design and development talent enables us to provide a flexible, powerful and user friendly content management system for pretty much any type of website. Thanks to years of CMS proficiency, we can confidently create you beautiful custom WordPress templates, themes, plugins and responsive websites for mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

WordPress Development Experts

Envisage Digital are bespoke WordPress developer experts, creating innovative CMS platforms for you to achieve a stunning, scalable website that streamlines your business management.

Our UK based team of coders are confident in completing any WordPress design and development related tasks, whether that be installing WordPress, customising it’s themes and plugins, building custom themes and plugins, multisite integration, search engine optimisation, building responsive mobile / tablet versions and much more!

WordPress Responsive Design

By choosing to have a responsive WordPress website, you’ll be opening the flood gates to more traffic, lower exit rates and better conversions. With over half of the visitors online now coming from mobile and tablet devices, if your business is not optimised, then you’re squandering your users’ patience and potentially reducing your business target completions.

Did you know that most lead agencies now build websites for mobile first? WordPress responsive website design can transform your website’s performance and future proof your business.

WordPress eCommerce Websites

We know how to make an eCommerce site tick and stay current, from running huge brand sites for many years and having an industry leading Magento eCommerce team. If that platform is not for you, and you want to stretch WordPress to its eCommerce limits with WooCommerce, we’re your WordPress ecommerce development team! We use plugins to transform your site into a fully-fledged ecommerce platform with multiple payment solutions to let the transactions fly.

Custom WordPress Themes

Want a customised WordPress theme designed and developed for your business, to stand out from the crowd? With our big brand experience and personal touch, our WordPress theme development services can supply you with a mind-blowing, responsive website. We’re ready to hear your amazing ideas and provide professional WordPress consultancy and design to ensure your site is fit for purpose, no matter how challenging the task!

WordPress Plugin Developers

The great thing about WordPress is that it’s open-source, which means by modifying plugins or creating new plugins, you can customise the CMS platform to have almost any electrifying functionality your business craves and desires. We can develop WordPress plugins for just about anything – payment gateways, social integration, community systems, affiliates and more!

With careful planning, we’ve launched many successful custom WordPress premium plugins for clients such as UK government entities like DFID and worldwide charities which include Make-a-Wish!

WordPress Training

Whatever the situation you’re in – problems with your old agency, training new staff or future proofing responsibility and skill set of your site admins, we can help! We can hold bespoke WordPress training on and off site, run by developers, search (SEO) and blogging experts. Additionally, our screen recording software and studio quality recording equipment can produce videos for adding products, post standards, pages, setting up search engine optimisation and just about anything if you fancy a takeaway instead!

Contact the Experts Today for WordPress Services

When you choose to become a client with us here at Envisage Digital, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best of the best. We offer support for all types of WordPress platforms, providing you with our innovative solutions and strategies to keep your website utterly thriving.

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Our Process

Envisage Digital adopts a client centric, agile build approach to all our WordPress development services. By doing this you’re kept involved in all aspects of the project, building a confident respectful relationship from scoping to launching the solution. Our extensive knowledge in this area will put you on the right track to accelerate your business – by teaming up with us you’re partnering with an agency that likes to give a personal touch and treat every project as their own.

We jump right into the consultancy stage where we define your CMS goals and aspirations. Sketching out the project’s fundamental functional processes and necessities, we can define a comprehensive analysis and agree on your WordPress design and development requirements.

We then involve our user experience knowledge to assure that the front end of the website will serve your target audience, by creating visitor personas. This can help us both understand how your target audience will travel through the site and what content they expect at essential points.

As we mentioned in the responsive design section, we’re trained to code secure solutions for the future. We’ll conduct a functional audit to prove all functions can be achieved and construct a hierarchical sitemap so we can visualise the solution.

Many websites launch without fulfilling their potential, we can use this scoping to confirm that the journey or functions you and your visitors expect can be achieved. This will eradicate any functional/navigational problems before investment is put into design and development.

Now we have the blueprint in place, we look into finding a customisable theme or building a custom one to suit your business. When choosing or creating a theme, we know what to look for, and develop, to ensure that it complies with up-to-date WordPress security and search engine optimisation standards – reducing risk and increasing rankings/traffic.

Whether we wireframe, prototype and design our own theme or install and customise a universal one, we will have your involvement throughout the process to sign off the look and feel that sits on top of the skeleton we built using the scoping stage. This is done using online software so you can view design versions and annotate changes, communicating as if we’re in the next room.

Envisage Digital WordPress developers use an agile approach to work on multiple sections of the site. Each person will be responsible for building a section of the site, quality testing it and deploying it for review.

While the development is in full swing, we have the opportunity to work on the content with you and perfect your message, titles and imagery.

At the stage of project completion, we draw upon the whole team to get a point of view from people involved in the project and not. This can include WordPress developers, WordPress SEOs, WordPress user experience and project management team members. By all of these parties reviewing the work, we can have an impartial view and put the finishing touches to your solution.

You end up with a website that is up to the standards of the whole team.

Before a site gets approved by you and goes live, it’s run through a checklist of web standards with the aim to deliver optimised code, functionality assurance and search engine optimisation.

Post launch we’re here to help make sure all goes smoothly, all you have to worry about is showing off your new site.

Case Study

Aim Altitude

Objective: AIM Altitude came to us with a WordPress solution that had mass duplication of thin content pages that could be merged into one useful resource and solve SEO issues.

Strategy: To develop a WordPress website packed with functions, showing off the AIM Aviation brand. WordPress provided the best all round management for their website.

Results: A responsive WordPress website, allowing for user interaction via social media, commenting and forms. A high ranking SEO configuration and a reliable hosting platform shows the site to be very reliable.

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