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Watch your conversions soar when you speed up your eCommerce site. In the busy world of today people are too busy to wait for pages to load. Speed optimisation and performance is key to keeping customers happen and watching sales soar – so let us lend a hand.

Everyone knows the speed of your site is essential when it comes to ensuring your customer experience is at its prime. In a highly competitive market, your loading speed is crucial and it could be the difference between a conversion and losing the customer to a competitor. Envisage Digital can ensure that you can display products swiftly, while also providing a speedy payment, shopping and communication platform – aspects important to users.

Magento Speed Optimisation

We want to enhance your opportunity to engage and please your customers, and will take care of the very latest eCommerce needs, while optimising the speed of your website and shopping basket. Envisage Digital has helped a lot of clients boost their website response time and functionality. We can evaluate and optimise your category assortments, navigation menu, sessions, installations and downloads. Whatever needs speeding up, we can help.

Speed Up Magento With Envisage Digital

We know we can help with any Magento performance optimisation issues you have, so get in touch! We will be happy to discuss whatever ideas and needs you have.


Keep Magento Up To Date

Keeping Magento fully up to date will not only help keep your store stable and secure, but it will also lend a hand in providing much needed performance improvements. Updating Magento can sometimes be a little tricky and therefore must be undertaken in a controlled way. Testing your upgrade process on a development server before deploying to your live environment is a must. This will help to identify potential issues and fix them before they affect your customers.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are a must and can help to instantly improve the performance of your Magento store. CDNs are used to store and serve your static assets, such as images, JS and CSS files, from multiple server locations around the world. This not only brings this content physically closer to your customers allowing for faster delivery, but also reduces load on your Magento server resulting in faster delivery of dynamic content generated by Magento itself.

Enable Flat Catalogue

Depending on the size of your product catalogue, it is often very beneficial to enable flat catalogue index for your Magento store. By default, Magento will store all of your product data across a large number of tables in its database. This means that you will have to look through multiple tables for the product data every time you load a page containing that data. By enabling flat indexes Magento will take all of this data, and copy it into one big table. This means that searching for product data can be completed all in one place and the load times of your store will be significantly decreased.

Utilize Caching

The inbuilt Magento caching system gives a notable speed improvement when it is enabled. This by no means is your only option however – many other 3rd party solutions can build upon this system to provide even better results. These solutions often require careful implementation in order for it to work correctly with your store and the theme / plugins which you are using. Let us take a look at your store and provide recommendations for which solutions are best for you.

Clean Magento Logs

By default, Magento and many popular extensions will store a great deal of log information about what is happening behind the scenes of your store. This can be stored in the database or in files causing your Magento installation to become very large. These logs are often used to trap and resolve errors, or produce reports / statistical information. It is often not necessary to keep a full history of this data, and deleting this out periodically or disabling the logging of specific plugins can improve the performance of your store.

Image Optimization

It is very easy to overlook the file size of your imagery before uploading it to your Magento store. Tools such as Google Page Speed Analytics will highlight this as a problem area to improve in order to improve the performance of your site. Fortunately, there are ways in which this can be resolved in a fairly painless way. Online services and Magento modules can be used which will methodically compress the images on your server in order to reduce their load times for your users.

Minimise Your Usage of Extensions

It is no secret that extensions for Magento offer a cost effective way to add additional functionality to your store. However, each plugin you install will increase the load times on your store. This is due to the additional requests which will be made from the inclusion of additional CSS and JavaScript files, as well as further processing behind the scenes to be completed by its core code. Removing unused extensions and replacing / fixing poorly extensions will help you to increase the speed of your Magento store.

Combine CSS and JavaScript Files

The built in features of Magento to combine your CSS and JavaScript files can quickly be turned on with very little effort in order to reduce the number of request made to a server every time you load a page.