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Magento Performance
Optimisation: Boost Your Speed to
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There’s literally nothing worse than a slow-loading web page or one that needs constant refreshing. If your e-commerce store is on a Magento 2 platform and you’re having problems with slow page speeds, you simply can’t afford to ignore Magento performance optimisation any longer.

Magento 2 might be a powerful and popular e-commerce platform, but when you run too many modules or have heavy customisations, Magento loads sluggishly and performs poorly.

That’s where our talents genuinely shine: Here at Envisage Digital, our Magento optimisation services can boost the performance capabilities and speed of your Magento store. We designed our innovative solutions to optimise Magento websites and increase critical performance metrics like server response time and page load speed.

Why Optimise Your Magento Store?

Why is speed optimisation so essential with a Magento 2 platform from Adobe Commerce? We will run down some key statistics for you right now that demonstrate the importance of having a fast, convenient, and user-friendly website. Let’s take a look at some hard numbers:

79% of online consumers who experience poor performance on a retailer’s website won’t return

44% of online consumers will share a negative experience with others

106% probability exists of a user abandoning a webpage that takes between one and six seconds to load

As you can see, having a speedy and user-friendly Magento website can provide valuable benefits. Once you achieve quick loading speed and better metrics for your website, online shoppers will be more likely to stay on your page and spend money.

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Signs That Inefficient Page Speed May
Be Affecting Your Website

Are you unsure whether your Magento 2 performance is up to speed? We can evaluate your performance metrics and any weak spots you may have in your system. However, you should always keep a close eye out for these critical signs that your site needs speed optimisation.

Slow Page Load:

If your site’s response time leaves something to be desired, it’s time to consider a new optimisation strategy. Standard fixes for slow page loading include:

  • Gzip compression
  • Enabling production mode
  • Bundling JS files
  • Minifying HTML
  • Using full page cache

Low Search Ranking:

Low ranking on the search engines is another adverse effect of slow website speed.

The faster your website, the higher it ranks on a web search

Declining Sales:

How are your sales numbers? Slow performance can significantly contribute to poor sales numbers.

If your Magento 2 performance is less than optimal and you’ve been experiencing any of those signs, it’s time to think about leveraging Magento performance optimisation strategies.

High Cart Abandonment:

Did you know that cart abandonment costs online retailers over 18 billion pounds annually?

Cart abandonment can also result from poor site performance and can cost your business untold amounts of money in the long term.

High Bounce Rate:

An online store with a high bounce rate is a surefire sign of slow speed and performance.

We Are Certified Magento

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Every member of our development team undergoes rigorous training and certification to ensure that our clients have the best possible people for the job.

Magento has a strict process for certification and only awards the best developers. Since we only hire Magento certified developers and designers, you can feel confident that our professional team has the expertise to help you succeed. That’s why we’re able to drive results for your Magento 2 store and consistently over-deliver for our clients.

The Envisage Digital development team has some of the best and the brightest in the industry. We’ve got the skill and sheer intelligence necessary to provide you with top-notch Magento development, optimisation, integration, and support services.

Page Speed Optimisation

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Updates for All Software

You can quickly improve site performance by applying regular security updates for Magento 2.


Magento developers are continuously improving the open-source code, so if there’s code slowing down your site, there’s most likely already an update that will fix it and provide speed optimisation.

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Remove of Unused Software

A critical part of speed optimisation is the removal of unused software. We’ll start by removing any unnecessary third-party modules, core modules, and Magento extensions.


For example, many of our clients have complex third-party modules with only one useful functionality or outdated modules with Magento 2 compatibility issues. To fix this, we remove unused modules and then recreate the necessary code to keep the function you want and increase Magento 2 performance.

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Module Optimisation

During the next step in our Magento performance optimisation process, we’ll analyse every module to ensure that they aren’t adding excessive time to your page loads. For example, code bottlenecks and HTaccess file redirection are common problems we fix for our clients.


We’ll use a Magento profiler to pinpoint any overly heavy requests then investigate and correct any issues to speed up Magento 2 and keep your site running smoothly.

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Theme Optimisation / Minification of HTML

Theme optimisation is another important method to speed up Magento 2. We’ll take a look at your entire admin panel and theme, inspecting it for code that adds a heavy page load or one that bypasses the Magento 2 caching system.

For example, one technique we use is HTML minification. However, it only works in default mode and production mode, not in developer mode.
Use the SSH command line: PHP bin Magento deploy:mode:show inside the Magento 2 root folder to find if you’re running production, default, or developer mode.

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ElasticSearch over MySQL

ElasticSearch is quicker than MySQL because it reduces the load on the database and speeds up server requests.


That’s because it supports an index instead of searching the text directly for much faster server response times. In addition, it provides scalability, fast performance, and a near real-time speed content delivery network.

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Advanced Caching / Full Page Cache

Proper cache management is another essential technique for speed optimisation and increased speed on Magento 2. Your Magento cache can directly impact your site speed, which is why you should run a backend cache with Redis and a full page cache with Varnish that stores HTML pages instead of using the file system.


Enabling a full page cache creates cached page versions and delivers them immediately rather than running disk or database queries for each request. Cache management will be one of the first techniques we implement for your Magento 2 store.

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Server Optimisation

If your web server is outdated, then optimising Magento 2 can only get you so far. You can choose an entirely new option, or you can simply update your existing server. We’ll also implement an HTTP2 and server push to optimise Magento speed from the server side, resulting in faster performance.

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Magento Image Optimization / Lazy Loading

High-resolution images can create code bottlenecks, causing slow speeds. Even after you bundle JS code and merge CSS code, images still take up most of the page loading process in Magento 2.

First, we’ll compress, resize, and optimise images down to a manageable size. After that, shoppers will be able to load images quickly when they browse your Magento 2 site.

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Minification of CSS Files and JS Files

CSS optimisation, Gzip compression, and JS bundling of your javascript files (to reduce page requests) are also essential to implement performance optimisation on Magento 2.

We’ll enable javascript bundling under “Merge JS files” in the javascript settings and optimise CSS files under the “Merge CSS file” in the CSS settings. Both of those actions will improve Magento 2 performance.

Using a flat catalog product can also combine data and minify javascript files to improve Magento 2 performance. Another useful technique is using Ajax requests to automatically load products when a user scrolls down the page, enhancing their shopping experience.

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Content Delivery Network

Your content delivery network is critical for Magento 2 performance and ensuring that your “above the fold content” stays relevant, engaging, and informational.


We’ll use a Cloudflare DNS to speed up Magento 2 delivery, giving you additional security benefits for free.

Implementing Hyvä Themes

Hyvä Themes is a new frontend framework and theme for Magento 2. Its primary purpose is to improve any performance issues in Magento 2, and it does so by using less code, smaller CSS files, and only the minimum amount of Javascript necessary.

Right out of the box, Magento 2 has numerous complexities and unnecessary components that Hyva will identify and remove. Next, the program rewrites the core code to produce the fastest possible frontend on Magento 2.

Hyvä is compatible with other third-party modules as long as they don’t affect the frontend. Even if they do influence the frontend, you can still use Hyvä by implementing a quick adaptation. If you’re a small or medium-sized online retailer, then implementing a Hyvä theme can provide benefits like boosted performance, lower integration costs, and a better developer experience.

However, Hyvä is also perfectly acceptable for larger online retailers that want a fast build at an affordable price. Before you consider implementing a Hyvä theme, you should remember that it will require a complete rebuild of your site’s frontend, making it a considerable (but worthy) investment.

Our team can quickly and easily implement a Hyvä theme for your Magento 2 store to reduce complexity, improve performance, and reduce dependency.

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Our Page Speed
Optimisation Process


The first part of our Magento integration service involves discovery. Our team will analyse your resources and Magento store data extensively to determine how to proceed with your custom integration. We’ll also explore any unique requirements your store may have and formulate a plan to meet them.


After our analysis, we’ll gather and record documentation of your current performance metrics. This step is crucial because it gives us a benchmark to measure improvements against after optimising Magento 2.


Next comes the actual performance optimisation. We’ll integrate your platform with speed optimisation techniques and then document the impact each change makes. For example, we’ll enable production mode using PHP bin Magento, which instantly creates URLs for static files.


Our testing stage is also critical because it allows us to see our Magento performance tuning and changes in real-time.

We run these tests to ensure that our changes haven’t negatively impacted your Magento site at all.


The last step is to launch your optimised website. After the launch, you’ll start to see our speed optimisation techniques benefiting your website in live-action.

Even after we go live, you’ll still be able to receive our Magento support and aftercare services.

Why Choose Envisage Digital for Magento
Performance Optimisation?

Uk Based Magento Agency

We Are a U.K.-Based Agency

Our U.K.-based agency is in Bournemouth, but we serve clients all over the world.


So no matter where you are on the globe, we can handle your Magento 2 speed optimisation with no difficulties.

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We Are Adobe-Certified Developers

Every developer on our team is certified with Adobe and Magento, and many of them regularly contribute to the Magento open-source code.


It’s how we’ve gained such a deep understanding of Magento 2 performance and code development.

Magento Agency Focusing On Its Customers

We Take Pride in Our Work

We take extreme pride in the work that we perform for our clients, which is why many of them have been with our agency for more than five years.

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We're Magento Experts

Whether you need Magento support services, Amazon or eBay integration, performance optimisation, or development and design services, our experienced team has the chops to handle it

Long Lasting Relationships

Our Clients Love Us

If you don’t want to take our word for it, check out the numerous customer testimonials and five-star reviews from prior clients. We genuinely care about our clients and have maintained long-term relationships with most of them.

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We Are A Support-Focused Agency

Our agency also offers support-focused aftercare services for each one of our clients. Our monthly support packages provide you with 24/7 Magento 2 troubleshooting and site management.


Google PageSpeed Insights and Web Vitals are extremely powerful performance evaluation tools. PageSpeed Insights will evaluate your site and award a rating between one and 100. It also gives professional recommendations and advice to improve Magento 2 performance. Web Vitals provides critical data on user experience and your site’s real-life speed.

As you may know, Magento 2 is an enormous platform with many complexities. Unfortunately, that means it doesn’t exactly conform to Google’s algorithm for a “perfect website.” That’s why it’s challenging to get a high ranking on Google, but we can get you very close, giving you a significant SEO boost.

TTFB stands for Time to First Byte, which is your site’s byte server response time. Google accounts for TTFB in its algorithm, and a high TTFB can negatively affect your SERP ranking. An optimal TTFB is 200 milliseconds or less. If your site is at 500 milliseconds or above, you need improvement.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is an open-source code that improves page speed for mobile users. Essentially, AMP uses a simple and strict HTML code version, only allowing the minimum elements necessary to load the page. However, we only recommend using these on blog sites or content pages.

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