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Experienced Web Development

Our veteran web development team can build your website with all the functionality and agility you need to achieve your goals and exceed visitor expectations.

Our proficient team have years of experience in developing in multiple web languages, giving you flexible, secure websites and online applications. Our goal-oriented development process and applications are made specifically to ensure your visitors have the most seamless user experience, while helping you do business. (That’s probably why we only had referral work for the first 4 years of our business).

Making The Right Platform Choices

Web development is the construction of a website or solution – you know that – but have you thought about what programming platform to use? There are so many code languages including HTML & CSS, PHP, ASP .Net, Javascript, jQuery and Flash, then there is the choice of platform; Magento, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal to name a few! It can get confusing, and it does make an impact on the results. That’s why it’s important to work with a web agency that has used all platforms and understands the impact and limitations they can have on the final solution.

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SEO Friendly Web Development

The Envisage Digital team have created dozens of SEO friendly, pioneering bespoke websites, eCommerce solutions, plugins and content management systems. We craft compliant digital website platforms with cross browser support providing responsive mobile and tablet web designs to reach all forms of business goal. The team also has incredible experience with payment solutions and integrated online solutions with in-store portals, extranets and intranets for many high street brands and global businesses.

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Web Solution Prototyping

Here at Envisage Digital we have experienced scoping consultants that can assess your requirements to ensure prototyping development and planning is minimal. Our team works with an agile development approach cycle, building you interactive services that are reviewed and signed off fast. We can help with functional prototyping to prove user interfaces and components, while our scalable performance prototyping ensures your site remains up even under high load spikes.

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ECommerce Platform Solutions

Our eCommerce web development team is, without a doubt, industry leading, especially our Magento developers (Magento: Used by 200,000 merchants worldwide). Time and time again we have provided enterprise solutions that allow you to scale with growth and take total control of your online channel. We’ve used Magento since 2008, elevating major brands as well as small businesses with outdated systems – to fuel growth, reducing costs and severe commitments to overcharging web agencies.

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CMS Publishing Platforms

Our platform developers use open source solutions like WordPress to create both custom and theme-based CMS platforms, delivering you enterprise level control over your business without enterprise costs. WordPress has 60 million users worldwide and can be used for almost any type of website. Our CMS digital development team can create you a custom WordPress theme design, build interactive plugins and convert your site to a search engine friendly, responsive mobile design.

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Web Services & Integration

Envisage Digital can provide seamless and professional system integration that can make your business run effortlessly and economically. Our extensive integration development gets applications talking to each other. We have API experience in all sorts of areas such as; integrating fulfillment systems, telephone systems, logistics / warehousing, email software, market places and even payment gateway solutions like Sage Pay and PayPal. These web service integrations have been installed in a huge variety of online business and international distribution centres.

Magento Speed Optimisation

Secure Affordable Hosting

Envisage Digital can help you get hosting that best fits your infrastructure to draw optimal performance and speed from your online entity. We are a preferred partner of Rackspace, used by brands and government entities such as Vodafone and the UK Ministry of Defence. You have the option of using cost-effective cloud hosting services that work on a pay-as-you-use basis, managed hosting solutions for high performance, security and dedicated hardware as well as private cloud servers for scalable and secure data hosting.

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Our Process

When it comes to creating something great, web design is the foundation and half the battle to having a truly successful online entity. Our team’s versatile experience has enabled us to create gorgeous designs for some of the top brands in the UK. Take a look at our client list.

We kick off the web development consultancy by defining your business goals and dreams. By discussing the purpose of the functions you require and why, we can recommend the best technical solutions to help you achieve your goals and reduce unnecessary cost.

To compliment this, our user experience and strategy team will help formulate a target audience. This will assist in defining the sort of content on your site or solution, creating a fluid digital experience.

To ensure your project is future proofed and meets all functional components, we’ll outline the requirements and create a hierarchical site map of your website or application.

This will enable us to see the users’ path through the web solution, reducing unnecessary road blocks, navigational pitfalls and confirming the web application development.

Will all the information drawn out and a blueprint in place, it’s time to elect the web design applied to your site. Our web design team work with you using online software that makes you feel like they’re sat in your office!

They will create wireframes and prototypes of your solution to get the skeleton in place. Then all that’s left is to place a memorable and gorgeous design over the top that will resonate with your users.

The development stage of the project is where the site itself is created. All our development is completed using the agile process where individual components are constructed, run through quality assurance and deployed.

This methodology, along with the ability to use change control to divide these components between a team, ensures high speed, functional, astute development.

Prior to the deployment of your new digital solution, our internal team runs through all functional, administrative and cross-browser compatibility testing. We get all the chefs in the pot here – it’s important to have views from all technical, design, user experience and search teams to approve the testing procedure.

To launch your solution we manually and digitally run through a huge web standards checklist to ensure the code is optimised, SEO is in place and all user functions and forms work before passing it to you for your evaluation.

All that’s left is for you to show off your shiny new website.

Case Study

Sorted Surf Shop & Wetsuit Centre

Objective: Sorted Surf Shop contacted Envisage Digital wanting to migrate their current website data into the same website installation as their partner website (The Wetsuit Centre) to improve their stock management.

Strategy: We needed to integrate the new Sorted Surf website into a prior Magento installation, and carefully merge the data into one installation.

Results: The site was created from scratch, with a brand new theme in place. Once the new site was installed and made live, the results were that stock management for the company improved, and they could streamline their business between the two websites and two physical locations into one easy installation.

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The Web Development Professionals

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