50+ M-Commerce Statistics & Trends (2022 Mobile Stats)

Fascinating M-Commerce Statistics For 2022

Mobile Commerce Is Quickly Outpacing Traditional Online Shopping, And Experts Project The Platform Will Continue Its Meteoric Rise In The Future.

Of Internet Searches Are Mobile Worldwide
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Mobile commerce is quickly outpacing traditional online shopping, and experts project the platform will continue its meteoric rise in the future. Mobile commerce, or m-Commerce, refers to electronic transactions that occur through mobile devices. Since the vast majority of people have smartphones, it’s no surprise that many people switch from traditional computers to smartphones for their transactions. One of the major reasons why smartphones are so popular is their sheer portability. Today’s smartphone is more powerful and sophisticated than most laptops, and the combination of speed, accessibility, and sheer convenience makes them a natural choice for consumers (Source: Samsung Insights).

Additionally, there’s more free, accessible WiFi available than ever before, and data plans are far more comprehensive than they have ever been. Logging onto the internet is simpler and cheaper than ever, and plenty of people are getting their news, conducting business, and shopping right from the comfort of their smartphone. The digital revolution is undoubtedly here, and it’s only projected to get easier to connect online from your smartphone.

That’s why our team at Envisage Digital compiled a list of m-Commerce statistics to prove that you need to focus on your mobile presence to stay competitive and take your business to the next level. When you’re ready to move to m-Commerce and want a proven company to guide you, contact Envisage Digital. Jumping on this trend is easier than you think.

10 Key M-Commerce Statistics

What Do You Want To Know?

M-Commerce Statistics

Understanding the Difference Between E-Commerce and M-Commerce

Benefits of M-Commerce For Your Business

More People Than Ever Are Getting Online

One In 3 People Globally Own A Smartphone

Two Billion People Made M-Commerce Purchases In 2019

Mobile Banking Is On The Rise

Three Big Vendors Have The Most Market Share

Five Billion People Globally Own Mobile Devices

Smartphones Are The Most Popular Way To Shop

Mobile Banking Apps Are On The Rise

More Than Half Of Consumers Compare Prices In The Store

50 Percent Of Worldwide Internet Searches Come From Smartphones

Shopping Apps Are On The Rise

Shopping Apps Are On The Rise

Apple Pay Leads The Market For Mobile Payments

M-Commerce Is Expected To Skyrocket

How Your Business Can Stay Competitive

There are plenty of ways to stay competitive, but the most important one is to make sure that your website is professional. Today’s audience not only prefers clean, user-friendly, responsive designs; people expect a smooth experience.

If your website is more than a few years old, or you think that it could use a facelift, call us at Envisage Digital. We can work with you to craft a brand new website that reflects your brand image and uses innovative shopping technology like Spotify to simplify the customer experience. We’ll add e-Commerce capability to bring your site to mobile users worldwide.

It’s good to do regular check-ins with your brand direction and website to make sure everything looks good and is completely functional.

Make sure your website is up to par by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is my website fully responsive?
  • Are my internal links logical?
  • Is my homepage easy to navigate, with clear instructions on how to access my catalog of products?
  • Is the design of my website clean and up to date?
  • Does my website take a long time to load?
  • Does my website look as good on a smartphone as it does on a laptop?

You can also start monitoring your Google Analytics to see where your web traffic is coming from and optimize your platform accordingly. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can assist in attracting new customers and retaining your existing ones.

It’s also helpful to understand your web traffic patterns if you’re looking to open up new markets. Make digital marketing and SEO, or search engine optimization, a central part of your marketing efforts to reach people searching online for businesses like yours.

If you do decide to create an app for your business, make sure that it is secure and accessible with a digital fingerprint. This way, your customers can be assured that their information is private and feel comfortable working with your platform.

Since we all walk around with tiny, powerful computers in our pockets, it’s certain that m-Commerce is simply not going anywhere. For smart and technology-forward companies, m-Commerce is an excellent opportunity to engage with previously unreachable customers. For those who are change-resistant, failure to engage in m-Commerce could be the downfall of their company.

Don’t miss the m-Commerce surge. To learn more about m-Commerce and keeping your online presence as effective and profitable as possible, contact our team at Envisage Design.

At Envisage Design, we continually serve our community and can create a web presence that will help you stand out. We also offer services to maintain your web presence and add m-Commerce elements to existing websites. Consider us your one-stop-shop for m-Commerce and any website-related needs.

Facts & Statistics

What Ecommerce Platforms Have The Most Market Share?

Key Statistics

Globally, the Asia-Pacific region leads the market share. After the US, Europe, Germany, and France lead the market with $141.93 billion, $81.85 billion, and $69.43 billion in sales, respectively.

Each eCommerce platform has a different role. The top platforms in 2020 include Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and Squarespace. You may choose to use one of these platforms depending on your market, the user capabilities, associated fees, and investment for your business.

Shopify, for instance, is popular for small to medium business owners who need a straightforward interface. Shopify lets users set up their stores quickly using easy-to-follow steps. Larger companies can use Shopify Plus to operate on multiple channels and a larger scale.

Website integration also factors into an eCommerce platform’s popularity. Options such as Wix and Squarespace allow business owners to make their store and website in the same place. WooCommerce, powered by WordPress, hosts over 840,000 online stores.

You can also integrate many of these platforms. For example, users can incorporate SendOwl, a platform for digital goods, with Shopify. Using multiple services helps business owners create more comprehensive online stores that cater to all of their needs.

Facts & Statistics

Shopping Cart Statistics

Key Statistics

Different studies show different rates for shopping cart abandonment online. Regardless, online shopping has a higher likelihood of cart abandonment than in-person shopping, as you don’t physically leave goods and walk away.

Ecommerce statistics show that screen size correlates to the likelihood of a purchase. Window shopping occurs more frequently on mobile phones and tablets than on desktops.

The reasons a consumer has for leaving a transaction vary, though they can include a complicated checkout process, low security, high shipping fees, or the shopper only planned to browse. Additionally, slow websites can raise abandonment levels by 75%.

To encourage consumers to go through with their purchase, make sure you have a straightforward checkout process. Consumers do not want to jump through hoops and fees to get their items. Also, a suspicious or non-secure payment window can deter many buyers.

The top-ranked eCommerce platforms have an average load speed of 1.9 seconds. Websites that take longer than that tend to move down in the rankings and see higher cart abandonment rates.

Facts & Statistics

Mobile Shopping Statistics

Key Statistics

Mobile shopping is the fastest growing means of eCommerce. Many consumers rely on their phones to find information and make purchase decisions. To accommodate these shoppers, business owners need to optimize their website or app for mobile use.

An app can positively impact your customers’ shopping experiences. According to eCommerce statistics, people spend 90% of their time using apps when they use a mobile device. Data from Invesp shows that over half of tablet and phone users use company apps to shop.

You also want to make your mobile platform secure. Many consumers do not make purchases online if they don’t think you have a trustworthy website.

Consumers use mobile shopping to make a large portion of their online purchases during the holidays. If they do shop in-store, they may use their phones to find more information or to compare locations and prices.

Facts & Statistics

Role Of Social Media

Key Statistics

According to eCommerce statistics, online stores that sell through multiple channels have more success than those who use only one. You want your business to sell to and engage customers through email, your website, Instagram, Facebook, and more. That way, you can efficiently push potential customers through your sales structure.

In China, 55% of people who use social media said that they buy products through those platforms. In the US, Gen Z and Millennial users are more likely to buy a product based on social media interaction than older generations. For Gen Z, 55% of those users reported buying clothing based on posts online.

As most marketers know, people trust the opinions of friends and family over brands. Many consumers are more likely to buy something if they see it from a blogger, YouTuber, or influencer they trust. Social proof is the reason many companies opt for influencer marketing strategies instead of using only ads or celebrity endorsements.

One out of every four companies on Facebook sells items. Today, users on TikTok can add links to online shops in their bios.

When you create social media accounts, you need someone with the know-how to run them. Certain types of posts and ads on social platforms see more engagement than others. For example, posts with images get more clicks than posts with only text.

Facts & Statistics

Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Key Statistics

Compared to other marketing strategies, email’s ROI is the highest. An email is a useful tool for generating leads and maintaining relationships with customers. For these reasons, you should use email in your sales campaigns.

Almost half of all consumers who use email have purchased a product as a result of a promotional message. When sending emails, you should send genuine messages with engaging subject lines. Otherwise, many consumers may write off your message as spam.

You can use a proven strategy for writing successful promotional emails. According to Forbes, people opened emails from brands that used emojis in their subject lines over those that didn’t. Additionally, people are more likely to open segmented campaign emails.

Ecommerce statistics show that most Americans want to get sales emails. They would also be willing to give out their email information if it gave them the benefit of lower prices on products. However, 60% of email users claim that they get too many sales emails, which leads them to unsubscribe.

Facts & Statistics

Search Engine Optimization And Ecommerce

Key Statistics

If you don’t have a Google ranking strategy, you may miss out on potential customers. People rely more and more on searching for businesses online to find what they need.

Organic searches on Google make up 43% of online shopping traffic. These days, you can use many tools to improve SEO for your business, so don’t miss out on accessible opportunities to increase your ranking.

Compared to direct mail and cold calls, SEO has a much higher conversion rate. No matter your field, you want to create content and webpages that get your business in front of consumers. More than half of all consumers around the world trust search engines to conduct business research.

People also want to know they can find information about your business quickly. You want to be visible on local search results, as many mobile searches rank according to location, as well as relevance. Consumers often find new businesses by searching for a specific topic in their area.

Facts & Statistics

What Is Ecommerce Customer Service?

Key Statistics

As with in-person shopping, people will have questions about or issues with the products they buy. You must have clear and reliable shipping and return policies in your online store. Even online shoppers want to interact with a real person if they have a concern.

As a business owner, you want to make sure your customers can speak with a company representative when they need help. Poor customer service will cost you repeat business. Ecommerce statistics show that live chat wins over email and phone contact for customer satisfaction.

If you use multiple channels to interact with people, you want to monitor complaints on every channel. Some online shoppers will try to use social media to help resolve an issue. They may also leave a comment or review on your brand page.

Today’s consumers rely on reviews to make purchases. Part of company customer service includes responding to these reviews, whether they are positive or negative. A positive customer service experience makes it more likely for a person to recommend your business to a friend.

Facts & Statistics

What Affects Conversion Rates In Online Shopping?

Key Statistics

You should run user-tests and use other methods to optimize your site’s shopping experience. Color scheme, word choice, and button placement can all impact consumer behavior. You also want to make it as simple as possible for your customers to view their cart and check out.

According to eCommerce statistics, 75% of businesses experience difficulty finding copywriters. A copywriter can help you optimize your pages for search engines and users.

Finally, you should avoid scaring consumers away from your website with information overload. In terms of ads, consumers disapprove of pop-ups the most, followed by mobile ads and video ads. Present advertisements professionally to keep your consumer’s attention.

Ecommerce Stats Wrap Up

Online shopping will continue to grow in the coming years as more consumers use their phones to buy goods and services. You must stay updated on eCommerce statistics to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Success in eCommerce comes from website optimization, excellent customer service, and other factors such as social proof. Run landing page tests and other regular maintenance to ensure your shop operates at its fullest potential.

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