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As an eCommerce business owner, you face unique challenges in today’s highly competitive digital marketplace. Fortunately, our Magento extension development services from Envisage Digital provide the solution to help you overcome those obstacles and achieve success.

Here at Envisage Digital, we’re a professional web development agency that offers a range of services to meet our clients’ diverse eCommerce needs, including Magento plugins development and integrations, web design, optimisation, migrations, and so much more. 

Of course, you’ve probably already heard of the incredibly popular CMS (content management system) from Adobe Commerce called Magento 2. This modular system with highly customisable features includes a vast selection of off-the-shelf modules and extensions with many benefits for sellers and customers alike. 

Are you ready to start growing your business with instructions that certified industry experts develop? Our team can create a Magento custom extension development with specific modules or extensions to meet your needs if you have unique business requirements. Invest in your future success today by calling us at Envisage Digital at 01202 016162.


Magento 2 Extension
Development Process

When you choose the team at Envisage Digital, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best value and benefits for your money. While other web development agencies might cut corners, we know that you can’t take shortcuts if you want to succeed. That’s why our team uses advanced methods for our Magento 2 extension development process. Take a look at the following example of how our process actually works:


Our methods of discovery form the initial framework of our extension development process to ensure module compatibility across your systems. We’ll use the same approach to determine which Magento plugins your store needs, including features, functionality, the name of the plugin’s class, virtual type (plugin type) and more.


Our team will meticulously define the scope of your project. To do so, we’ll pinpoint and then create the relevant success criteria that your module needs to meet.


Next comes the actual process of creating a Magento custom extension development, which our team will build to meet your exact specifications and default parameters. How long it takes will depend on the number and complexity of your new modules and how much Magento plugin development we’ll need to perform for your store.


Full end-to-end testing is a critical part of our Magento 2 extensions development process. It allows us to evaluate every aspect of your new Magento plugins/extensions to ensure they work correctly. To begin, we’ll conduct testing to ensure that our original method and techniques adequately meet our pre-defined success criteria.

We’ll use the same methods to ensure a mobile-friendly user experience for businesses that use an app. Finally, we’ll also try testing your store’s close checkout process. For example, we’ll go through checkout using your account email and check out as a new customer to evaluate whether your site still needs optimisation.


The last step is to deploy the module to the production website. The deployment will help determine if your Magento 2 store will accept your new plugin or extension without compatibility issues.


We pride ourselves on the comprehensive support services we offer every client after developing their Magento extensions. You’ll have the expertise of our entire support team to ensure your Magento 2 store is appropriately maintained and updated. To learn more about our all-inclusive Magento 2 support services, call us today at 01202 016162 to schedule a consultation.

Upgrading Existing Magento Extensions

Our team can also update existing Magento 2 extensions or help with a brand-new functionality we just installed for you. Over time, plugins and extensions need revisiting, especially since the core Magento 2 CMS architecture constantly changes. To keep up, you’ll need a trustworthy development agency to handle the required upgrades.

While security updates and more efficient coding are always beneficial for stores running Magento 2, extensions will unavoidably become incompatible. You could even have a plugin get disabled or lose important functionalities your customers count on when they shop at your store. Fortunately, our development team can quickly handle those issues to ensure compatibility and smooth function.


Why Choose Envisage Digital for Your
Bespoke Magento Extension
Development Projects?

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One of the reasons we maintain such a high customer retention rate here at Envisage Digital is the genuine care we have for our clients. When we combine our years of experience, a support team full of Magento-certified in-house developers, and our team’s hard work, talent, and ingenuity, we’ve got a recipe for success.

Call us at 01202 016162 to learn more about why our web development agency is the perfect choice for your business.

Best Practices for Magento
Extension Development

Another reason our team is the best choice for all your Magento eCommerce needs is that we observe strict standards of excellence, which we maintain by following best practices when we build our custom software solutions.

Some agencies may bounce back and forth, continually trying the “next method” to try and keep up with the pack—but not us. Instead, we focus on following these Magento 2 best practices to ensure that we consistently produce top-quality work:

  • Strictly adhere to the Magento 2 PHP coding standard
  • Keep our code simple, reusable, and replaceable
  • Never duplicate PHP code through the application
  • Start with plugins wherever possible, then use observer and preferences as alternatives
  • Ensure that we’re following naming conventions for files, methods, and classes
  • Create other classes to perform specific jobs rather than using helpers
  • Successfully test all of our code, using automated tests when necessary

Common Magento 2
Extension Requirements

What kind of functions or features does your Magento 2 store need from an extension? Here are the most common requirements our clients need for their Magento 2 extensions.


An essential function for every Magento B2B commerce site is multi-user company accounts. 

It allows businesses to create and manage multiple accounts and different user roles, then set specific permissions. 

For example, you could approve purchase orders, view purchase histories, allow requisition lists, etc.

Content Management

Pricing is another aspect of building a successful Magento B2B commerce platform. Our advanced pricing solutions give you the ability to:

  • Hide price lists in your catalogue
  • Allow customers to create requisition lists
  • Track purchases and delivery
  • Show different pricing based on consumer groups
  • Offer tiered pricing for people bulk ordering products


Do you want to add B2B features to an existing Magento B2C website?

With trade accounts and registration, you can add customers into your B2B group. It also prevents a shopper from having their account disabled before they can make a purchase.


Does your current Magento B2B commerce site allow B2B customers to pay for their goods on credit? 

When you partner with our development agency, we can enable different payment methods to improve customer experience and provide greater convenience. 

Search Engine Optimisation

With an API and data integration, Magento B2B companies can access feeds containing stock information and product pricing then share it across systems. 

We can also implement an API to automate and streamline the ordering process.


Did you know you can gain more sales without increasing your stock holdings? Enter dropshipping. 

You can import data feeds from supplies, automatically export dropship orders to suppliers, and accurately manage multiple stock holdings.

Do You Have Another Extension Requirement?

If your Magento 2 store has a unique or complex requirement, we can still help. Call us to schedule your
initial consultation with our in-house team of developers

Certified Magento Developers

Here at Envisage Digital, we have a Certified Magento Support Team with some of the best and the brightest developers. Their expertise and skill will keep your e-commerce website running smoothly, giving customers an engaging shopping experience. Every developer on our team undergoes extensive Magento training to receive certification.

We provide innovative technical support solutions to handle any issues proactively, keeping your Magento store running at high performance levels. The broad scope of our Magento services keeps your store in optimum health while still performing at maximum capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Off-the-shelf solutions rarely supply the optimal performance and custom requirements an eCommerce business needs. Usually, these one-size-fits-all solutions contain extraneous features that cause bloat, code bottlenecks, and slower page load times.

Yes, it will. We can handle the installation process, or you can opt for an installable module that your own dev team can deploy.

manager as your liaison during the process. That person will provide guidance, support and regular updates until your project is complete.

A plugin modifies the public function behaviour by intercepting a function call and then running code. In addition, you can’t use plugins on final methods, non-public methods, final classes, or static methods.

You can declare your plugin for a class object using the di.xml file in your module and define your plugin by applying code after, around, or before a public method to extend or modify its behaviour. The first modified argument also allows access to the observed method (and the observed method’s class).

Additional related topics include determining an arbitrary plugin name, following code, argument unpacking, return value, and public function. Once the callable from around methods is received, it will call the next plugin or observed function.

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Development Professionals

If you have any additional questions regarding a Magento NetSuite integration, give us a call at 01202 016162 to speak with a member of our team. 

Take the first step towards future success today by scheduling your consultation. Let us give you the tools to grow and succeed! 

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