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Our Top Performing Magento Extension Plugins

Magento extensions are great. They provide additional functionality to help increase on site conversions, yet still providing an enhanced customer user experience. It’s important however, that all Magento extensions are installed correctly.


Installing Magento extensions can be performed in a number of ways and these will often depend on which extension you are installing and which workflows you have in place. We’re on hand to tell you exactly what extensions you should begin installing to get the desired impact you’re after.

We will also deal with all the fiddly bits of getting it installed and configured for you, this way you will save time and be confident that what you’re installing gives the desired outcomes and is rolled out in a controlled way – minimising risk to your platform.

Let us boost your website and start pumping conversions with some of the following highly regarded extensions:

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Magento One Step Checkout

If you want to reduce your customers abandoning their shopping carts, one of the most effective changes you can do is implementing a OneStepCheckout. The statistics from our clients say it all, and we fully recommend the implementation of the OneStepCheckout extension to revamp your standard checkout, and prevent those pesky abandoned baskets.

OneStepCheckout reduces your standard Magento checkout into one simple page, and it has taken the market by storm. All your customer needs to do is fill out their address and payment method all on one page, making the process easier and more attractive. This is one of the best technical changes you can make to reduce the amount of abandoned baskets on your sites, and we can help you install it in a flash.

Magento Sage Pay Integration

We highly recommend SagePay’s payment gateway solution to help tackle all your Magento payment options. This means you don’t have to worry about PCI DSS server restrictions when dealing with on-page restrictions, but also you can then assure your customers that you’re using highly secure payment gateways and boosting conversions.

We have carried out multiple SagePay implementations, and are waiting to help you install and configure SagePay quickly and correctly. By using SagePay you can support 3D secure and reduce fraudulent transactions.


Magento Abandoned Cart Reminder

Don’t let your customers slip through the net! If you’ve managed to entice them to your site and get them to your basket, then don’t let them leave without a fight! If they’ve abandoned their basket we can help you create cleverly timed follow up emails to get them right back where they left off.

It’s proven that around 40% of customers return to a site after a follow up email, and around 20% will then continue to make a purchase.

Let us help you re-market, so you can turn those abandoned carts into conversions and watch your business grow.


Share Your Cart

Thought about what incentives you offer? Why not give your customers a reason to checkout by offering a discount code to customers who share their carts on their preferred social media accounts before completing their order. Not only will this boost the chances of your customers converting, but also helps grow your social media presence which in return will help expose your business.


Go Mage Feed Pro

Providing feeds to third party services is often a great way to boost your product visibility and boost those all important sales. Services such as Google Shopping, Nextag, The Feed, Pricerunner and can be utilised providing product feeds from your catalog. GoMage Feed Pro can create your feeds in a variety of formats including CSV, TXT, FTP and more.

These feeds automatically refresh to provide a detailed realtime insight into your product range.


Magento Review Booster

If you wish to boost the number of reviews on your site, we’ve got you covered!

Sometimes all you need is a small incentive, and this plug-in offers exactly that. You can entice customers to leave reviews on your amazing products, and reward them with a discount on future purchases!

The maths here is simple – you get reviews, they get discount, and you get more sales… everyone is a winner!


Enhanced Magento Search

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find the products you’re looking for while browsing the web? This is a common problem, and unfortunately Magento’s search is notoriously bad at returning the results that you’re looking for.

Utilise the power of your search bar by installing an enhanced Magento search plugin. This uses a keyword matching algorithm that provides the smartest search on your site. This plug in increases the intelligence of your eCommerce store, and will show your customers exactly what they are looking for to increase conversion and ease of shopping.


EU Cookie Law

Don’t get caught out by the latest EU cookie laws! We’ll help you keep your site safe from scrutiny.

We help you use implied consent plugins, with an option to leave the site. This is the best way to comply with regulations while still reducing the risk of losing consumers by affecting their user experience.


Product Stickers and Badges

Using stylish and eye catching stickers help boast about a products top features. These can include variables such as if they are currently on sale, have a fast delivery option, special features, or pretty much anything you want to plug, you can make it clear by positioning a sticker over the image.


Banner Module

Banner management by Envisage Digital is the all in one, highly customisable, banner management solution. We allow you to implement banners site wide by utilising the power of Magento widgets. Each set of banners are grouped as a campaign, allowing you to keep consistency between your messaging and banners across your site.

Campaigns can be linked to existing shopping cart promotions or date ranges, allowing for the automatic activation and deactivation of these banners making your transition between promotions seamless.


Auto Associated Products

Displaying relevant or related products to your customers based upon their browsing history and basket contents will help you to boost sales and increase those conversions. This however can be very time consuming and become difficult to manage due to products going in and out of stock or becoming discontinued.

Automatic related products removes this stress by doing all of the hard work for you. Simply define a set of rules for matching products and we can then implement the required technical code and away you go.

By implementing cross-selling, up-selling and related products into your shopping cart and product pages, you will expose customers to popular bestselling products which are relevant to them, prompting additional sales.

Big businesses such as Amazon have been doing this for years, and have fully reaped the benefits of doing so. Isn’t it about time you start doing so too?


Matrix Rates

Matrix Rates is the go to plugin for thousands of Magento stores and is the single most downloaded shipping extension on Magento connect. This plugin enables the implementation of multiple shipping rates, based upon the shipping destination, method, weight, price or quantity of an item.

Matrix Rates offers a number of versions of this software each providing an additional set of functionality.

If you’re not sure which version is best for you and your business, get in touch with one of our team, tell us your shipping requirements and we will happily point you in the right direction.