Magento Support Services For
eCommerce Business Owners

Here at Envisage Digital, we offer comprehensive Magento support services for our clients with e-commerce businesses and online stores. 

Whether we’ve already helped you with Magento migration or another agency built your site, our dedicated support team has the skills and expertise to handle any issues or disruptions you’re having with Magento. Our specialist account managers can work with you to develop your e-commerce offering and add value to your business by increasing sales and adding to your bottom line.

We offer technical support via telephone and a ticketing system, making it easy for you to get a quick response when you need our services. If you have a limited budget, we’ll create a customised support package to ensure that your Magento platform stays trouble-free at an affordable rate.

Contact us today to learn more about our Magento maintenance and support services and schedule your initial consultation with our team of experts.

You Name It, We Can Do It

We’re proud to offer every client the full spectrum of our Magento maintenance and support services for their website. We’ll walk you through every detail of our strategies, giving you an in-depth look at our approach.

Here are 12 quick examples of the extraordinary Magento maintenance services you’ll receive when you choose Envisage Digital.

Emergency Support

Have you ever experienced prolonged website downtime, or even worse, had your Magento commerce store come under attack? If so, we don’t have to tell you how valuable Magento support and security is to your company. Whether it’s a critical error on your site, a downed network, or an extensions problem, we offer urgent help and 24/7 service support for you and your Magento store.


Our Magento maintenance services include integrations with 3rd party systems. For example, if you want to incorporate ERP system or just a customer rewards programme into your Magento commerce store, we can easily perform and manage the necessary system integration processes for you. This adds value to your business, but it also offers the opportunity for better control and automation to save you time.

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Server Response Time Improvements (TTFB)

Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the response time it takes for the server and Magento to generate the page HTML and start serving this to your customers. Our intuitive solutions can improve server response time, making your website easier to use and more accessible. By improving the page response time, you can boost conversion rates and help improve your search engine listings.

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One way to reach more customers online is to integrate your eCommerce store with 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. Our eCommerce team have to tools and experience required to help you list your good for sale on these marketplaces and keep your listings up to date automatically with the latest stock and product data.  We’ll even ensure that orders and credit notes are also synchronised with your eCommerce platform so you have one area to manage all of your sales.

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Server Migrations

Finding a good hosting platform is essential to ensure that your Magento eCommerce store performs at its best. Our experts can not only help you choose the best package for you, but also migrate your site files, database and configurations to the new architecture. 

Technical SEO For Your Site

Technical on-site SEO is essential for any website owner who wants search engines to find their content and rank highly in the listings. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, can drive more traffic to your site and boost your ranking on major search engines.

Google PageSpeed Insights / Web Vitals

Our Magento maintenance services also include the capability to increase site speed by applying Google PageSpeed Insights and evaluating your web vitals development. Page load time is critical: More than half of all web searchers will exit a page if it takes over three seconds to load. PageSpeed Insights can also identify weak spots and show emerging data patterns for a deeper analysis of your business.

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Browser / Device / Site Optimisation

Our Magento technical support service can also help your e-commerce platform with cross-browser and device optimisation, meaning that your site will run faster and perform better. With its scalability and extensive support network, Magento is the perfect e-commerce solution for your company.

Custom Feature Development

One of the most attractive features of Magento is the high level of customisation it provides. You can create extensions to modify almost any feature for the CMS or add something new altogether. Our Magento development services allow for custom feature creation, modification, and installation to create amazing user experiences tailored exactly to your users’ needs.

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Module Install / Configuration

We can quickly install any Magento extensions or modules you want for your e-commerce store. We can help avoid conflict with third parties and provide your store with the latest advancements and features. We can also configure any existing modules or extensions you’re using on your site.

Custom Theme Development

Our Magento development and maintenance services will also assist you with creating a 100% custom theme for your online store. If you ever have any issues, we can quickly help you fix them. We can create a unique company design for something fresh. We’ll create a unique design for you. We would always recommend away from using off-the-shelf themes on Magento as these add unnecessary bloat and add to page load times.

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Digital Strategy / Planning

As a Magento 2 support service client, you’ll get innovative digital marketing and strategy planning to facilitate the successful development of your e-commerce business. We’ll evaluate your operations to detect vulnerabilities and weak spots, create a to-do list for better website performance, and help build your store to ultimately gain your more sales online.

Have a More Specific Support Requirement for Your Magento Websites?

Does your Magento 2 website have a more complex support requirements from those listed above? 

If so, our certified Magento development team are here to help. We can develop a custom solutions and support packages for your Magento Commerce site to help you achieve your digital business goals. 

If you have specific support requirements, call 01202 016162 to schedule a consultation with our Certified Magento agency.

Zero-Downtime Deployments

As an Envisage Digital Magento support client, you can take advantage of our incredible zero-downtime deployments system. Wave goodbye to the days of constant downtime when deploying changes or updates to your Magento stores. Instead, welcome automated backups, versioning and rollbacks tailored precisely for your stores’ needs. 

Our one of a kind bespoke system automatically aborts deployments should there be a problem leaving your website fully online and functional. Give your customers the chance to continue using your website and checkout without a hitch with Envisage zero-downtime deployments.

Our zero-downtime deployments system is available exclusively for our support clients. Sounds good? Get in touch to discuss your support requirements in depth.

Certified Magento Developers

Here at Envisage Digital, we have a Certified Magento Support Team with some of the best and the brightest developers in the UK. Their expertise and skill will keep your e-commerce website running smoothly, giving customers an engaging shopping experience. Our developers undergo extensive Magento training to receive certification.

We provide innovative technical support solutions to handle any issues proactively, keeping your Magento store running at its best. The broad scope of our Magento services keeps your store in optimum health while still performing at maximum capacity.

Envisage Digital - Magento Development Agency

Top Magento Development Agency

Monthly Support and Maintenance Packages

We offer a monthly support contract for our customers who require more comprehensive Magento website support services.

We’ll monitor, update, and manage your system 24/7. After all, even one minute of server downtime can cost you thousands of dollars.

The amenities in this support contract include:

  • Comprehensive project management
  • Email and telephone support
  • Out-of-office support
  • Priority issue response
  • 24/7 site monitoring
  • Frequent Magento development and updates

Hourly Rates

Our price per hour varies, depending upon the type of plan and level of support your site requires during the month. Here are our Magento maintenance rate schedules:

Rate 1:Our first option is £100 per committed hour of Magento service support for customers on support plans with us. Unused hours roll over to the next month.

Rate 2:For any additional hours you require each month over your committed allowance, you’ll pay £115 per hour. We can also assist with resource planning and time management.

Rate 3:If you’re a paying client but don’t have a retainer, we charge £130 per hour on our pay as you go rate.

Monthly Magento Support and Maintenance

Service Plan Amenities Basic Standard Plus
Recommended Hours
Rollover Cap
2 Months
3 Months
4 Months
Dedicated Account Manager
Managed Source Code
Magento Security Updates
Telephone Support
Priority Support
Inclusive Account Management Hours
Monthly Time Reports
Website Uptime Monitoring
Website Downtime Response
Business Hours
Online Magento Training
Quarterly UX Review
Service Priority
Total Service Plan Costs

Security Updates Baked In

One of the best features of our Magento maintenance service includes the regular installation of security patches to your Magento site. Those updates are essential and will help keep your store safe and secure, making it far less likely you’ll suffer from a costly data breach from a malevolent user.

In fact, developers in the Magento community are continuously releasing new security patches and updates for users of Magento commerce and open-source platforms. Keeping your website current with these updates means you’ll enjoy improved performance, better safety measures, and all the latest extensions and add-ons to make your business thrive.

These inclusive security updates are part of what sets Envisage out from the crowd. Security should never be an afterthought – ensure that your Magento support provider is keeping your website up to date on a regular basis.

If you’re running an outdated Magento 2 version, get in touch with our experts today to get your site updated as soon as possible.

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Support Services for Magento

If your online store is low-maintenance, our PAYG plan could be the perfect solution. During your consultation, our Magento support experts will provide you with accurate estimates for the cost of development services and technical support for your Magento store if you choose a PAYG plan. PAYG amenities include:

  • Flexible development services
  • 24-hour response time (additional fees may apply)
  • User-friendly email ticketing system
  • Dedicated project managers

PAYG is essentially the same as our monthly support plans, except for two things: it costs more and doesn’t include automatic security patches and updates. For those Magento maintenance services, you’ll have to place a specific request and pay out-of-pocket on a task by task basis.

Why Choose Envisage Digital
for Magento Support?

Why should you choose Envisage Digital for Magento support and maintenance services?

We know exactly what it takes to elevate your e-commerce business. In fact, our team of Magento developers regularly contribute to the core Magento open-source platform, design and produce global plugins and extensions, and improve security patches.

Our approach to your Magento support and maintenance needs is unique and constantly evolving. We’ve been providing support to clients for over ten years, which is why we’re a leading choice in the U.K. for a Magento development and maintenance services provider.

Our team of Magento experts also offer comprehensive aftercare services. Even after we perform upgrades, extensions, or even a Magento migration, you’ll still receive the same exceptional support services for Magento.


Our business services Magento 2 and other platforms, so you can keep your eCommerce site expanding and growing even in the face of the ever-changing business landscape. The team here at Envisage Digital does more than just provide Magento maintenance services and technical support. 

We also have support experts on our team for consultancy and commercial services, design and UX, data migration, search strategy, and web development. Again, it’s those intuitive features and insights that sets us head and shoulders above the rest.

Yes! Our team trains clients all the time on how to use Magento to its fullest potential. With our Magento website maintenance and support services, your web store will be thriving in no time.

When you don’t use all of your support hours, they roll over to the next month. That means you never have to worry about throwing away hours during the slow months.

Yes, you can. We offer 24/7 technical support via telephone for our Standard and Plus Magento maintenance services. So even if it’s after regular company hours, you can still phone in with your emergency Magento support questions.

No, there is no maximum. If you require more support each month than our packages offer, we can scale our services to meet your distinctive needs. For example, maybe you need help analyzing your Magento server logs or implementing a customer management system on your website. No matter what services you require, we’ve got the solutions to help you succeed.

Contact the Experts Today for Magento Support Services

When you choose to become a client with us here at Envisage Digital, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best of the best. We offer support for all types of Magento platforms, providing you with our innovative solutions and strategies to keep your e-commerce company utterly thriving.

Call us today on 01202 016162 to schedule your first consultation.

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