Shopify has a host of in-built features that come pre-packaged within the platform that will help you to grow your online business in an easy to use way.

Create A Blog

Want to keep an online blog alongside your store, enhancing the content on your website? With Shopifys full blogging platform, you can publish and categorize articles to suit your needs. From creating lookbooks and recommendations, to how-to guides and new range discussions, your platform is ready for your content.

Domain Names

Already have a domain name, or need to purchase one? Both options are supported on the Shopify platform.

Web - Based

Your entire website is hosted on the Shopify platform, leaving you without worry about that technical side of things – just focus on managing your business.

Free SSL Certificates

Stores built using Shopify come with a free SSL certificate –  this means you should never worry about it expiring again. You can simply focus on the managing and running of the business.

Payment Options

You can accept all major credit and debit cards from store launch, and be able to integrate with over 100 external payment gateways – from PayPal to bitcoin.

Automatic Taxes

Shopify will instantly handle country and state tax rates, based on your location. Don’t worry about setting any of this up, Shopify will handle this all for you.

Abandoned Cart

Recover some lost sales in your store, but sending an email to customers with their abandoned carts – they might be encouraged to go and purchase their goods.


From free shipping to paid shipping, customize your shipping options based on a number of factors – from weight based rates to location based rates.

Customer Accounts

See what your customers are shopping for, by allowing them to create a customer account with you. This encourages repeat sales, increasing your business.

Mobile Managing

Shopify has an app you can install on your smartphone, allowing you to update your store, manage stock, update orders and contact customers whilst you are on the go.

SEO Optimised

Supporting best SEO practices, Shopify will help you rank well using the online search engines – allowing potential customers to easily find you.


Create discount codes, special offers and gift cards to help boost sales and entice your customers to buy more from you.

Social Media Integration

Shopify websites allow integration with all the major social media platforms – you can even browse products and make a purchase without leaving Facebook.

Instant Upgrades

Any future updates to the Shopify platform will be performed automatically.


View a dashboard of reports, allowing you to see a range of reports on how your store is doing – What products aren’t selling? Where are visitors navigating to first?

Unlimited Products

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 products, there is no limit to the amount of products that you can import into your Shopify store.

Email Hosting

When buying a domain name with Shopify, it allows you to create email addresses with it associated with your store.

Web Hosting

All Shopify stores come ready-made hosted – never have to worry about finding a home for your store! With unlimited bandwidth, you will never be charged based on the number of visitors to your store.

Web Monitoring

The dedicated Shopify web servers have 24/7 monitoring, they work around the clock to ensure that your website is always online, with a 99.98% up-time record.

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