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In today’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, continuous adaptation and vigilance are not mere choices but necessities. As specialists in the eCommerce field, Envisage Digital has had a ringside view of the ebbs and flows affecting merchants operating within the Magento and Adobe Commerce landscape. The recent conundrum faced by businesses – whether to constantly update and potentially jeopardise operational stability or face potential security risks – has been a significant concern. Adobe, sensing the wind of change, has responded with a strategic overhaul of the Magento Release Schedule.

Tracing the Steps Back: The Old Regime’s Pitfalls

To appreciate the full spectrum of the new Magento 2 release schedule, it’s essential to retrace the path that brought us here:

  • Extensive PHP Updates: The transition from PHP 7 to PHP 8 was no small task. This was not merely an update but a seismic shift that touched every corner of a Magento instance.
  • MySQL Upgrades: Moving from MySQL 5.6 to 8 wasn’t a mere version increment. It was akin to adapting to a new language, with considerable implications for Magento’s database performance and optimisation. 
  • A Damocles Sword of GDPR: With GDPR fines hanging like a sword of Damocles, the choice was stark. Dive deep into pockets to fund the updates or run the risk of catastrophic data breaches and subsequent penalties.
  • Innovation Stifled: As businesses were drawn into this mire of updates, funds were syphoned away from innovation. The focus shifted from customer experience enhancement to mere platform survival.

For many, it felt as if they were stuck on a technological treadmill – running incessantly but getting nowhere.

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Feeling the frustration – the past 12 months have been dominated by upgrades, we’ve felt your pain!

Welcoming the Refreshed Magento Release Schedule

Adobe’s new approach isn’t merely a response; it’s a revolutionary step forward. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Three-year Security Patch Support: No more scrambling for every new release. Every Magento release will now be secure and supported for three full years after its general availability.
  • Stable PHP Horizon: With PHP 8.1 support extended till the termination of Magento 2.4.6 in March 2026, businesses can now strategise their tech stack with foresight, minus the surprises.
  • Reduced Ownership Cost: Adobe’s new doctrine ensures that the cost of owning a Magento website drops significantly. With savings, merchants can channel their funds into more meaningful enhancements.

Magento 2 Release Schedule & Magento Release Dates At A Glance

Adobe, with its intuitive prowess, discerned this pain point. Their acquisition of Magento in 2018 set the stage for a new narrative. And now, they’ve reimagined the entire Magento release schedule and patching paradigm to make Magento and Adobe Commerce more merchant-friendly. Here’s a distilled view of this monumental shift including Magento release dates:

Release General Availability End of Software Support Dependant PHP Version
Adobe Commerce 2.4.7
April 9, 2024
April 9, 2027
8.2 and 8.3
Adobe Commerce 2.4.6
March 14, 2023
March 14, 2026
8.1 and 8.2
Adobe Commerce 2.4.5
August 9, 2022
August 9, 2025
Adobe Commerce 2.4.4
April 12, 2022
April 24, 2025
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A brighter future ahead – with 3 years of support tied into each release, we can all reap the benefits of the new magento  release schedule

Reaping the Benefits: A Merchant’s Perspective

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, merchants often find themselves at the crossroads of technological advancements and practical implementations. Let’s take a look at how this new Magento release schedule can benefit Merchants.

  • Cost Efficiency: The financial strain of regular colossal updates? That’s a thing of the past now.
  • Bolstered Security: A consistent, three-year security patch promise ensures Magento stores remain fortress-like.
  • User Experience: Without the constant overhaul disruptions, businesses can offer smoother, uninterrupted user experiences.
  • Focus on Innovation: Now, the primary concern shifts from mere survival to thriving, as businesses can reinvest in feature enhancements and storefront innovations.

Impacts Of Not Following The Magento 2 Release Schedule

Not following the Magento release schedule and taking note of the clear Magento release dates can have a significant impact on your site. Updates can include fixes for performance, security and compliance and so if not implemented then it can result in your site having security vulnerabilities, and speed issues and even lead to potential regulation issues in serious cases. 
Not adhering to the new Magento 2 release schedule and new Magento release dates can also impact the overall compatibility of your extensions and custom changes, leading to functionality issues and conflicts. By following the Magento 2 release schedule and staying updated and informed about all Magento release dates you can install them as they become available to you and ensure that your secure remains compliant, secure and optimal. Our Magento development team are experts in implementing the very latest developments to the Adobe software so that you can make the most of your site.

Types Of Magento 2 Releases

Magento is a platform that releases many updates that serve specific purposes. Different kinds of updates impact the Magento platform in a variety of ways. The different types of updates in the Magento release schedule include the following:
Major Releases – Magento’s biggest updates and releases usually introduce new functionality features and updates to the usability of the platform. This type of Magento update usually has a version number attached to it, for example, Magento 2.3 to Magento 2.4. They may also involve changes to the system requirements such as the required version of PHP.
  • Minor Releases – Magento’s smaller releases and updates usually occur between the bigger changes and they can include bug fixes, security updates and performance improvements.
  • Security Updates – Magento releases types of minor updates that have the main focus of addressing or improving security vulnerabilities to make sure that platforms are secure and stable.
  • Beta Versions – This type of update is a non-general availability code update and might include security, compliance, performance or high-priority fixes. They offer extra time for Magento to review their codes and assess the affected components of the software after a new release or software change,
  • Feature Releases – New features are typically provided separately to the patch releases and major releases. They are a marketing tactic and draw more potential users to the Magento platform. They include product recommendations such as the ‘live search’ function.
  • Quality Patch Releases – Magento releases patch updates that usually include security, compliance, and performance changes or reviews and latches onto the core Adobe Commerce application.

The Hyva Theme & The New Magento Release Schedule

As we wrap up, let’s touch upon another exciting development that’s been turning heads – the Hyva Theme. This theme, combined with the revamped Magento release schedule, is carving out a new era for Magento.

The Hyva theme is not just about aesthetics; it’s about performance, user experience, and speed. With its lightweight structure and modern technology stack, merchants can expect faster load times and a smoother shopping experience for their customers.

When you bring together the Magento release schedule support and the sheer brilliance of the Hyva theme, what you get is an eCommerce platform that’s not just robust but also incredibly agile.

In Conclusion

Adobe’s recent manoeuvres with the Magento Release Schedule might very well be the elixir that revives the platform’s charm. At Envisage Digital, we’re excited about this evolution. Our years of experience tell us that this is more than just a technical update; it’s Magento’s pledge to be a trustworthy partner in your eCommerce journey. This could indeed be the resurrection Magento deserved. The future looks bright! If you are looking to make the switch to the Magento platform we can help you with a full Magento migration service to ensure that you can also benefit from the amazing things the Magento release schedule promises us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Magento Release Schedule

How frequently will Magento be rolling out new versions?

The cornerstone of the new strategy is extended security patch support, lasting three years from a version’s general availability. By looking at the new Magento release schedule and the proposed Magento release dates we can see that there are expected to be frequent updates throughout the next 3 years that will see a new and improved service implemented.

Is An Upgrade Mandatory With Every New Magento Release Date?

Absolutely not. The choice to update your system is yours. You can choose to remain on your preferred version of the Magento/Adobe software, and simply integrate the security patches for up to three years.

Will PHP 8.1 Support Continue Indefinitely With The New Magento Release Schedule?

PHP 8.1 support is confirmed until the conclusion of Magento 2.4.6 in March 2026. Meaning that continued support for the PHP 8.1 software is available despite the new Magento release schedule

Is This Extended Support Valid For All Magento Release Dates?

This revised approach for Magento support commences from Magento 2.4.4 onwards and will be available despite the new Magento release schedule.

How does this revamp affect Magento’s overall performance?

The Magento release schedule is all about stability and ensuring businesses can rely on Magento for consistent, top-notch performance. Each Magento release date will be expected to bring with it new and improved software that increases the overall performance of sites using the platform.

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