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Envisage Digital offers affordable, professional, trusted and integrated non-profit web design for charitable organisations.

Over the years, the Envisage Digital team has been lucky enough to contribute non-profit website design services to online campaigns that have changed lives. We’re proud to say we’ve gained third sector design experience working with charities and organisations including MyAFK, Drinkaware, and the Department for International Development (DFID). We always take great pride in our contribution to incredible causes – be it big or small. Envisage Digital want to encourage charities to make the most of their online presence so that their message is heard by people who need it most.

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Charity Web Designers

After initially working with Make a Wish to create an online network which helped their volunteers to communicate ideas, the Envisage Digital charity website designers found themselves drawn towards website design for charities. We wanted to support non-profits in their quest to achieve professional web design at affordable rates.

Why? Because charities are now operating in a highly competitive environment. By delivering quality affordable charity website design agency services such as website integrations we help our third sector customers engage far better with both funders and client groups.

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Working To Budgets

Envisage Digital is proud to offer our non-profit web design services at a reduced rate for charities. We want to help you achieve your online goals without impacting on the budget that’s assigned elsewhere. We know that non-profit website design should have as high a professional appearance as a business site, because it’s even more important that your message is shared and goals are achieved – whether those goals be fundraising, recruiting or creating campaigns which help to raise the profile of your organisation.

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Supporting Fundraising

We’ve learned from experience that fundraising comes most naturally to a charity when people find it easy to donate. Envisage Digital can assist by having our charity web designers set up all the mechanics needed to make it simple for users to donate and fundraise – thus helping you to attract funding more effectively. We use multichannel solutions to come up with a strategy for reaching those who want to help, using new creative ideas that inspire your existing and new supporters to do something positive for your cause.

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Support, Training & Hosting

Charity web hosting is also a service Envisage Digital is proud to offer. Not only do we provide secure hosting, but we also offer bespoke training videos and workshops in a bid to reduce ongoing costs to your organisation, and we even offer retraining in the instance of a change of staff. Sticking to your budget is at the forefront of our priorities, so we offer reduced-rate support contracts for any maintenance you may need.

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Charity Marketing Campaigns

Your campaigns are important to us, which is why we tailor our three-point charity marketing approach to ensure your efforts are seen. By using our database of 5,000+ media contacts, creating strong SEO, PR and content marketing campaigns and using social media marketing to increase your campaign reach even further, we know we can reach the supporters, fundraisers and the incredible people who matter most.

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Web Standards & Accessibility

We know that your non-profit website design needs to be as accessible as possible, and we work within guidelines to ensure it’s created in its optimum form. We comply with W3C Web Content Accessibility 2.0 guidelines and meet the accessibility requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act – as well as ensuring that the site functions in all recent web browsers and on multiple platforms including PCs, smartphones, tablets and iPads.

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Ensuring your website looks great and provides users with the optimum experience is our priority. We work to a formulaic plan, researching your audience before coming up with innovative ideas on the best way to present your information. Have a look at what we can do.

Envisage Digital believes in an innovative design that provides optimum experiences for users – and of course that applies to our charity web design agency packages too. We ensure your site is smart and user-friendly, with a focus on achieving your non-profit website design goals.

Non-profit website design is a passion for the charity website designers at Envisage Digital. We work with you to make the right choices – from the ideal platform to system integration, secure hosting and your SEO goals. We’ll build a website that continues to perform for years to come.

Non-profit web development is a passion for the staff at Envisage Digital. We work with you to make the right choices – from the ideal platform to system integration, secure hosting and your SEO goals. We’ll build a website that continues to perform for years to come.

Envisage Digital wants website design for charities to be accessible from anywhere, on any device – we can create mobile apps that are built to engage, inspire and encourage your audience to make positive moves towards your end goals.

Responsive mobile websites are another option for charities who choose not to have an app. We create sites which adapt depending on the device they’re being viewed from – an ideal solution for charities who need information to be accessible.

After years of use, our talented web development team knows how to use WordPress to create and optimise your site – but that’s not all. We can provide WordPress training for your non-profit organisation’s staff, to reduce your future maintenance costs.

Envisage Digital can provide SEO site audits on the technical setup of your solution. It’s surprising how many website are missing out on vital traffic by missing some key SEO basics – let us review your content, inbound links and technical setup.

Charity Promotion

We’ve developed a concrete plan to execute successful digital PR campaigns that drive traffic, social media buzz and backlinks to your website. We focus on understanding your organisation and formulating a well-researched plan that we can target for our extensive list of media outlets.

We know that every penny you spend as a charity needs to be worthwhile, so we use an analytic, strategic approach towards your PPC campaigns. Envisage Digital will use thorough research and split testing to ensure your non-profit web design has measurable success.

Envisage Digital believes in measurable success, especially when it comes to charity website agency campaigns. We know that your time and budget are precious, so we follow a scientific, analytical approach to ensure that our creative ideas really are working.

Charity content marketing is key to attracting influencers, fundraisers and new sponsors to your website. Envisage Digital’s creative content minds take an analytical approach to your campaign – researching your audience, and then engaging them using multiple channels.

Getting your message seen by the right influencers is key to a charity’s success – Envisage Digital has the tools and knowledge to make it happen. Our quality charity PR campaigns begin by forming relationships with key journalists, and then providing them with your meaningful stories.

If you don’t want Envisage Digital to help you with your solution, why not use us for consultancy during your request for quotation and tender process, as NAVCA did? We helped their team sort through all the technical jargon and find the right online partner for them.

Envisage Digital believes in helping charities to manage their own online channels, because that reduces longer-term costs that could be assigned elsewhere within your organisation. For this reason we offer bespoke training and support services for non-profit organisations.

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