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What Can Shopify Do To Help Your Online Business?


When using Shopify, you aren’t just confined to what might be called Standard Shopify – there are a host of extensions on the Marketplace that you can use to enhance your store. From being able to sell on the likes of Amazon, to offering a live chat service on the shopfront, you can further push the boundaries of what your online store can achieve.


There are many ways you can get your customers orders to them – and Shopify integrates with a number of external apps, such as Dropshipping & Order Fulfillment Centres, giving you greater flexibility on the products you stock on your range, without the need for it to enter your warehouse.


If you want to try and capture the attention of your current customers, or try and target new customers, there are a number of integrations that Shopify can offer your business – from advertising on Google to emails and newsletters via the Mailchimp integration.


Get help with taxes, profits and general finances and help to streamline your business with full integrations between the Shopify platform and the accounting software of your choice.


If you want to appeal to a foreign market, then Shopify makes it easy for you. Shopify supports 50+ languages, and there are many currency switcher extensions you can install to your store to ensure that customers are viewing the right currency pricing.

ERP Systems

If you want to improve the way you store, collect & review product, order and customer data then integrating with an ERP system, such as SAP, is the right option for you. Shopify can integrate with many of the 3rd party ERP systems.

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