Magento 1, End Of Life

Back in September 2018, Magento announced that June 2020 would mark the end of life for Magento 1. With that date fast approaching, what does this exactly mean and will it affect you if your websites currently employ Magento 1?

What Does End Of Life Mean?

In the tech world, the end of life means one or more of the following for a piece of software:

The software will no longer be able to purchase

There will be no new releases, bug fixes or any security features will be issued

The company will no longer offer any kind of technical support for the platform

Support documentation, forums and articles referencing the platform may be archived.

Third-party plugins or extensions might not work anymore

Magento 1 has been in decline for a while since Magento 2 was rolled out. There have been zero updates to enterprise editions since June of 2016.

What Does it Mean If my Site is on Magento 1?

You might be wondering what ‘end of life’ of Magento 1 actually means if you’re currently on Magento 1. Will your site just stop working in June?

The good news here is that no, your website won’t just stop working. However, because of this, many brands will be tempted to continue using it after the sunset date. Using Magento 1 after End of Life can spell absolute disaster for online merchants.


Security is far away from the biggest concern while using Magento 1 after its sunset date. With no new security patches or software support available, your site will be left highly vulnerable.

Running any outdated CMS, plugin or theme is a major cause of security breaches, the global cost of a data breach is pretty hefty coming at nearly $4 million…just let that sink in for a quick second. Upgrading your online store ahead of June 2020 is a small investment to maintain the integrity of your entire website, customer database, and brand!!

Legal Stuff

If you are choosing to continue to operate with the security vulnerabilities you are pretty much opening yourself to an even bigger threat. If a customer’s personal data is leaked as a result of their activities on your website, you could be held liable.


In terms of incompatibility, Extensions that you might be currently using might just stop working and leave parts of your site nonfunctioning. Integrations that work without applicants such as order fulfillment or email marketing software might become obsolete.

Essentially, the End of Life of Magento 1 boils down to this… the longer you wait to discontinue the use of the platform, the overall create the problems will grow!

Next Steps…

If you’re currently a Magento 1 user, look at this as not a doomsday type of scenario but more of an exciting opportunity for future innovation. As soon as possible, take the needed steps to migrate over to the new CMS. Here at Envisage digital we’ve migrated thousands of products to the platform and can help eliminate the headache that might be caused by doing this.

If you are thinking this blog post is speaking to you directly then its time for you to take the jump over to Magento 2. Get in touch with us and one of the team will be able to help with all your Magento 2 questions and queries.