So, you’ve created your Magento store but you want to help scale it up to help give it that extra push with the use of advanced features and functionalities. You can literally spend countless hours doing your own investigating of the best tools to add to your store to help boost sales.

Getting more sales is what you want from your online shop. Each and every Magento store owner must top extensions to help skyrocket your online sales. But where do you even start with a minefield of extensions to choose from, this blog is purely for you.

Best Seller Products

With the use of the Best Sell Products extension, it helps you show off your best selling products through both a slider or grid layout. The extensions display your product images on a sidebar or within a slideshow with auto-scrolling.

This extension shows system-generated products as best sellers and is super easy to set up while also providing many options for further settings within the admin panel.

Furthermore, you are also able to a product limit for sidebar and also homepage products. Customers are able to add any of these products directly to their cart, wishlist, or even compare from Bestseller product blocks on the homepage.

Best Seller Products Prices:

Community: $49

Enterprise: $199

Request For Quote

Within the online shopping market, any negotiation of a product price is not exactly easy. Wit the help of the Request For Quote extension has made it allow customers to send over quote requests to the store owners for any bulk purchases.

Once implemented, by clicking on ‘Request for Quote’ a customer is able to request a quotation for a specific product. The customer will be presented with a requirement form and will continue to fill up all the required details.

After submitting the quotation the extension will authenticate and save the quote within a database, followed by an email that will be sent to the store’s owner and customer too.


Request For Quote Price:

Community: $49

Enterprise: $199

Product Questions

When it keeps to customer retention, it allows them to ask questions about any of your products and services is a great marketing trick. Within the eCommerce market, it’s known that customers will hesitate to buy any product until they are 100% sure about the quality of the products.

With the use of this plugin, it permits your visitor to ask any product related question on the product view page. Customers are also able to build that trust with not only you as a business but also your products too which generates a good relationship with ongoing clients.


Product Questions Extension Price:

Community: $59

Enterprise: $209

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Earning your customer’s trust is essential! In order to build up that all-important trust level, you must allow them to add in testimonials. The use of these helps prove the overall legitimacy of your business as a whole. Also, it acts as a referral to any potential new customers that they are able to reply to your brand and products.

This extension also provides a flexible configuration with the use of different settings of the testimonials list. You can display the customer’s name, description, company name, email and website on the testimonial page. Moreover, it allows admin to upload any image which will also show in the testimonials listing page.


Advanced Testimonials Extension Price:

Community: $49

Enterprise: $199


Most Viewed & Sold Product Count

Most Viewed and Sold Product Count is a very effective and useful tool for any eCommerce owner.

By default, Magento backend has no option to display sold products count, however, with the help of this extension it allows you to display your most sold products without affecting any core files.

These products display on the overall basis of just how many times customers has viewed the products. The same also goes for the most sold products due to showing just how many products are sold.


Most Viewed and Sold Product Count Extension Price:

Community: $49

Enterprise: $199


Press Release

The Press Release extension help merchants keep their customer updated with the latest news and offers. With the use of this extension, a store owner is able to add in press releases, news documentations with added comprehensive features.

This extension comes with many features such as uploading images, press contact info, release dates, YouTube videos, social sharing, and meta information to just name a few.

On the front side of things, it creates a whole new press release landing page. Within that landing page, it shows the following: Title, Image, short description, author-name, release date and read more link.


Press Release Extension Price:

Community: $49

Enterprise: $199

Advanced SEO Suite

If you don’t have a proper SEO strategy for your online store then don’t expect any good results. Overall, SEO helps your website rank search engines, most notably being Google.

This extension helps enhance organic search results. It comes with a bundle of incredible features such as auto-generated snippets for store products, Category Rich Snippet, Organisation Rich Snippet, Reviews Rich Snippet, Product Rich Snippet, and Breadcrumbs Rich.

If you don’t have an SEO expert to hand when launching your eCommerce store, plugins like this can help give you that little bit of help in order to push your store up those all-important search engines without having to spend hours online working it out yourself.


SEO Suite Extension Price:

Community: $149

Enterprise: $248

Shipping Suite Ultimate

Managing your shipping can be a painful and rather complicated process. However, with the help of Shipping Suite Ultimate, store owners are now able to easily create custom shipping rules from the backend as per each specific requirement.

This extension is highly responsive and provides many powerful features including flexible shipping rates, multiple store support data import/export and so much more.

  • Unlimited number of carriers, methods, and rates – Create a setup for any local or custom shipping providers’ methods and rates.
  • Flexible Shipping Rules and Restrictions – Able to change overall shipping costs, hide shipping methods, and more.
  • Shipping and Delivery Zones – Arrange various shipping destinations into groups for overall better management. This allows your customers to select their shipping locations before going through the checkout process.
  • Advanced Postal Code Validation – Powerful functionality to validate postal codes, including both UK and NL codes.
  • Import and Export Table Rates Functionality – Easily manage all shipping-related data via a CSV file.
  • Shipping Methods Per Product – Assign various shipping methods directly to any specific products. Filter the methods your products can be shipped with.
  • Delivery Date – Allow your customers to choose their own specific delivery date and time with the use of advanced functionality.

Shipping Suite Ultimate Extension Price:

Community: $399

Enterprise: $798

Fire Checkout

When it comes to your checkout if it’s over-complicated or busy looking your customer could become overwhelmed and just leave without buying a single product. So many eCommerce stores fall at the last hurdle when it comes to their checkout.

With the use of Fire Checkout, it offers a far easier and faster checkout form to complete the buying process. Also, with the help of the address Autocomplete feature, customer can also easily complete their address with ease and without having to manually input.

The plugin provides you with 5 different types of layout to best suit your website’s aesthetic, it also allows customers to select a specific delivery date and time.

If you feel like customers are dropping off your current checkout page then this is the plugin for you!


Fire Checkout Price: $79.99