Working From Home 101

Remote working has been on the rise for a lot of companies whether that being local startups through to long established companies. 

However, being efficient working from home can be quite the challenge especially if you’ve never had to do it before. With the mix of tons of distractions, less communication than in the office it doesn’t make it impossible though

Below are our top tips on how to tackle working from home in the most effective and productive way possible:

Leave The House

The best way to approach this is to get out of the house at some point in the day. Take a walk before the workday begins, this will help clear the mind before coming back and setting up camp at your desk for the day. Try and make the day seem as much of a normal day working in an office as possible. So normally you would leave the house to go to the office, the same rules apply here just your home is your office for the time being. 

Move About The House

Even if you live in a small flat, if you are able to try and mix it up as much as possible, from desk to kitchen table but try and avoid at all costs working from your bed. Creating a desk away from the bedroom is the best way to try and keep home and work balance as separate as possible. 

Stay Focused and Turn Off Distractions

At home there are all kinds of distractions, there’s the fridge, the TV, the pet and even other family members. In order to get the work that’s needed to be done, you’re going to have to try to put all of those things out of sight and out of mind. You can do the dishes during your allocated lunch break or after work which is when they would get done on a normal office day. 

Stay Social

Working from home can be fairly lonely. Ensure you check in on your team members, check in on projects and what everyone is up too. Set a schedule to all jump on a video call this helps you talk to each other as if you were all in the office. If you have a big company then doing this by the department can also work too. 

Place In Some Boundaries

You need to look after yourself and draw a line under the day so it doesn’t start to encroach into your home life. Home and work can easily blur into one so to stop this from happening set some rules about when you finish for the day. When the day is over shut the laptop and put it away until tomorrow. Try not to dip into emails in the evenings if you wouldn’t normally do so if you were still working in the office. 

Know What You Need To Have A Good Day!

Remember, you are in full control of the environment when working from home. You might do your best work by getting dressed in a similar outfit you would be wearing while going to the office. Avoid working in your pyjamas at all costs! Listen to that album you really like as you don’t have to cater to everyone else in the office. It’s important to find the right balance here but sticking by these rules and your work/home balance should remain pretty much the same.